Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Inn at Gig Harbor.

The begining of fall means going to new places and exploring places that are close enough to get from my house to a hotel, inn, or B&B  for just a tank of gas.   My mom and I just love Gig harbor and this summer when the The Inn at Gig Harbor asked me to come and check their hotel out and enjoy a night away I couldn't say No and could hardly wait to do the review.... Now when I  say away we got to get away with one kid not two! So it wasn't really away from it all.... Little man came with us. We picked him up from school and ran down to Gig Harbor. 

Checking in was easy and the manager during the day was so sweet and accommodating to us.  I forgot to let them know that my son was coming and that my mom has a seizure dog.  He didn't even skip a beat and got us in a bigger room! The lobby is so inviting and warm, the small attention to detail of the local charm that Gig harbor has.  The old photos that were in the lobby were so enjoyable to look at. Ever sense I was a little girl the Tacoma Narrows has completely freaked me out, seeing the picture made me feel those feelings all over again. Living in Tacoma for 4 years did help me get over that fear.... but the site of the photo made me remember why I was so fearful in the first place. 

The room was pretty basic two beds, nice view, tub and shower, mini fridge, desk, and a TV with basic cable and you can get a DVD player in the lobby.
 The bath gel, lotion and shampoo and conditioner were amazing!!! We didn't bring bubble bath and trying to get either of my boys to take a bath with out bubbles just doesn't work and the shower gel did the trick. 

They had plenty of blankets and extra pillows right there in the rooms closet and it was stocked with towels and hand towels and wash clothes. So it really was packed with all the things we needed or might need.  The thing I loved most about the room was the chair and lamp for me to have a spot that didn't bother my mom or little man, when they were both sound asleep so I could do some reading and writing.  It really was a great touch. 

They have a spa on site as well. I wasn't able to enjoy this at the time of my stay but I will be making sure when I go back to make an appointment.  You just have to book your spa experience when you check in or even better book the package that is called the Unwind  For $249.00 plus tax, you get a fireplace or Jacuzzi suite and two half hour massages, a bottle of wine or champagne delivered to your room and an a breakfast for the next morning!   When I do come back with the hubs this is the package that we would like to try.  I can't promise to not ask him for his half hour massage so I can get a full hour! 
There is a Golf package and a Seven Seas ( Brewery ) package. That would be what the hubs would want to try! 
Their onsite resturant is called  The Heritage Restaurant was very nice and quaint. It was very convenient to have a down home cooking type restaurant in our hotel. I could see for people here on business how this would be a total bonus.  I have to say that I had the vegetarian omelet and it was amazing! It came with toast, and two eggs. My mom had the eggs Benedict and she said it was good, not the best and not the worst she has had just the middle of the road. My little man had the Mickey Mouse pancakes and bacon and he ate almost all of that and for one picky eater this is big!!