Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am going to be part of a blog hop party! Come join me.

I want awards and sponsors so if you would love to do either of those let me know. :)

I came across a blog called 5 Minutes For Mom, which is based on the premise that every mom can take five minutes for themselves to relax, read relevant content, and connect with other moms out there in the blogging world. They’re hosting the Ultimate Blog Party, which started yesterday.... and goes all week long there are chances to win prizes, Even better then that we get to know other blogs and bloggers. Why am I doing this you might ask? I am doing this so that I can get more followers so I can find more blogs to follow & get comments and grow my giveaways and all the wonderful things that come in the blog world. If you want to join in the fun click on the link on the side bar! :)

For those of you that are stopping by for the first time as a part of UBP10, my name is Stacey. I’m almost 33 , I don't have any children of my own, hoping to one day adopt a baby girl from China. I am an auntie to many! I have two fur babies Sophie and Howie ( they are two shitzu puppies) I have the most amazing husband Chris and we live in a small town nestled next to Kingston. I’ve blogged for almost three years on a private blog for my friends & families – all the details friends and family loved to read about. I became a fan for Kingston Community news on facebook, suggesting that they had to write about women in Business when my mom encouraged me to start writing for them and put on their page that I needed to write for them, I wrote my first article ( due out next month at press time) and I finally decided to take the plunge. I initially started this blog with the idea of writing for women and businesses in Kitsap county. Trying to get the news of the going on's and whats happening in the local communities, Highlighting people and places. I hope everyone enjoys this blog. I am going to work hard on it, but I also write about things I love to do, my experiences, and whatever else is important to me at the moment.

In the spirit of the Blog Party, April is the start of the Season of busy times. Chris is already working so much his job has really picked up & every weekend has something going on. This month their are 4 big birthday parties and a few weddings and showers. WOW! This year is going fast and with everything its going to be a fun Spring and Summer.