Monday, March 14, 2011

Argosy is your place to go for every event in your life.

To celebrate that new dates and times come out tomorrow for the up and coming holiday season of the winter of 2011! I know that the 2010 holiday season is only a few months behind us, but this is the best time to start making those plans.

For 60 years, Argosy Cruises has helped the people that are lucky enough to ride their ships, through celebrating the breathtaking and amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This is one of the best Seattle area attraction. It was Founded as the Spring Street Water Taxi and then through the years operating as Seattle Harbor Tours and now as Argosy Cruises, the family-owned and operated company has become the Northwest's premier cruise company operating from the historic downtown Seattle waterfront, South Lake Union and Kirkland City Dock. Bringing endless joy to all that are able to ride and enjoy this for the special moments that for generations families and loved ones have enjoyed. 

When myself and the Hub’s went this past December, we were able to enjoy a wonderful festive night aboard the Argosy Christmas Ship, a fun and wonderful holiday celebration that is a great way to make the holiday season feel just a little more special. You can either join in the fun on board on one of the parade ships that follow, or join your friends and neighbors to gather together for your own beach side, caroling tradition. If you own your own boat, feel welcome to add lights to your boat and join in the festival and help form the largest holiday floating parade in the world! Nightly ships set sail to different Puget Sound waterfront communities, over 45 all together. A portion of all ticket sales benefits The Seattle Times Fund For The Needy, an program that raises money for several charitable organizations in the Puget Sound area.
Like we did, you can ride the official Christmas Ship. The lead Ship is called the Spirit of Seattle and has the choir on board that sings out to shore,  all other boats follow. Every night from November 28th through the 23rd of December, the Christmas Ship, takes its place at the head of the parade as the Official Christmas Ship. On board, a local featured choir sings 20-minute programs at scheduled locations. The choir is broadcast over the speaker systems, letting those on shore join in the festivities. On board, Santa mingles with guests, spreading cheer. Certain holiday activities keep guests entertained between choral performances: sing-a-longs, a "Ho-Ho-Ho" contest, a children's activity corner, and the camaraderie that the holiday spirit brings out.

Some nights are also followed by the Royal Argosy, Seattle's Dinner Boat. This allows you to follow in the parade while having a meal, and the live entertainment while you dine at the privacy of your own table. The Royal Argosy only follows the parade on some of the evenings. Make sure that you plan on this in advance to make sure you make it. The elegant Royal Argosy that is decorated beautifully for the holidays it is a perfect way to create a holiday tradition.
Always welcome is for you to bring out your own boat and join in by following the parade with your friends and family.  If you want to check it out from shore they post the many wonderful locations in the schedule, join in with the many wonderful people that do this as every year. A great way to meet new friends, as you share in the fun of a cold crisp Pacific Northwest bonfires and the love of the community involvement. 

Don't want to wait till next winter to go on a cruise well your in luck you don't have to wait. Once you go on one cruise around our beautiful area of water ways of the PNW, you will be wanting to go enjoy all of the special events that Argosy puts together. Weddings, business meetings, family reunions, Mother's Day, Easter, Fathers day, 
fourth of July! You name it they do it & they do it well. 
No matter what you are looking for set your focus towards Argosy! 
You will never be happier you did !