Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thrilling Thursday Linky Party! ( Crafts and more )

Thrilling Thursday at Paisley Passions

Here is a fun craft project. I had to borrow the pictures because I can not find my camera :( So enjoy from the blog hop today :)

using heavy card stock.2107_f1_imgp4052

The skill in these albums is co-ordination, making sure the album blends together in theme and colors. This is easy to do by matching shades of colors together and sticking to a strict theme. Alternatively you can pick up a Scrapbook themed kit from your supply store and use the ready selected designs, stickers and embellishments making co-ordination very easy.


To start with you need to paint your album. If you are adding background paper you only need to paint the edges, if you are leaving it wood style you can try different techniques such as crackling. Crackle: To crackle a section of your album you will need to apply a thick coat of crackle medium to the plain wood and allow it to set as per the instructions on the Crackle medium bottle. Then go over the crackle with your pink paint. Work quickly and try not to overlap your brush strokes as this covers the crackle design. You will see it begin to crackle straight away.


Once it has dried your ready to continue with your album. Place your background paper onto the other board pieces mixing and matching your papers and layout designs.

Then using the supplies you have decorate your album, usually "less is more" is a crafters motto, but with this album it's almost "The more the merrier" when it comes to embellishing.


Once you are happy with your layouts bind your album together using wire rings or large curtain rings. Just thread them through the pre-drilled album holes.

Decorate the rings with knotted ribbons, cord and lace for a truly shabby rustic look.