Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 31 Days to Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day 4

The 31 Days to Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day 4

The task today is to figure out what our niche is and to visit other successful blogs in the same niche to see what they are doing well.

Trying to figure out what the "niche" would be for photography, travel, art, writing, diet coke, decorating my house, scrapbooking, being a live of the land diva & growing my  garden, extremely fond of  my DVR and lusting for my own iPads. The adventures of become parents both through the traditional and the un-traditional.

I finally figured that my niche is bloggers who write about the things that put there lives out there for us all to enjoy.... the ones that have the  passion to live life to the fullest and want to share it with others.

I found this with many other bloggers like me. They encourage me in so many ways. They touch my life and I am sure many other lives out there.  I love that there is a connection with other women in the cyber world where they share and become the best of friends and a part of a community. In our lives  where we might never have taken or been given the chance to become friends in the outside world, but because we do blog we do find friends out there that daily touch our lives.  I love these bloggers they mean the world to me.
Running away? I'll help you pack.
Six Cherries On Top
stacys random thoughts

31 Day Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day Three

31 Day Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day Three

Task - Promote A Blog Post

ProBlogger makes a great suggestion to promote specific blog posts instead of the blog as a whole. I do that on Twitter, Facebook,

I find that most of my traffic comes from Google Search or from comments I have left on other people's blogs. My most consistent followers have come from the SITS community. I also have just begun to spend more time on The BlogFrog. It's through SITS and BlogFrog that I learned about the #31DBBB. I also post on my other blog The Girl About Town.
A few things I want to try in the future...

* Blogging Directories
* Blog link up's
* More giveaways
* I want to do events and blog about them.
* Give more time to do Hotel Reviews and have them do contests to stay there after.
* Have a guest blogger and do a bunch of guest blogging.
*Go to blogher 2011 :)
* Host and put together a West Coast Seattle bloggers get together. ( any ladies that read this that would like to help leave me a comment)
* Do more Crafty stuff and link it to my esty store. :)

Here is the blog I would love for you to all check out!!!!!
These lovely ladies are what makes me happy about blogging they up lift me and make know that my blogging is great and people really read what I have to say!

the boston lady.
The Princess and the sweetpea.
The Daily Mom Diaries
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