Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Check your bags or Ship them?

I have said this in the past I will say it again I am sure... I over pack. I think I try to take everything and the kitchen sink, it just makes it to hard to try to pick just a few things to bring. I might need this and what if I need that? What if the weather is bad and all I pack is summer clothes? What is a girl to do?

Well now that the airlines have put a cap on what you can bring and if you check a bag it is going to cost you.  In this time of fines, charges, and fees what is the cheaper route to go? With airlines charging $25.00 one way and $35.00 for the second bag not to stop there but then there is the added charges to heavy items and over sized items so what is it we should do? Why don't you try hard to weigh out your options, Here are a few Kingstongirl ideas.

If your baggage is bulky, or heavy shipping might just be the better way to go. Just make sure that you are able to not need to overnight it this is a big way to make it just as spendy as paying the high airline prices to ship your things.

Here is a point UPS can ship a 75lb box from NY City to Orlando Florida for around $57.00, checking that item at the airport will more then likely cost you around $100-175, ONE WAY!!! Make sure you check all your local companies that you are able to get quotes from places such as Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL. You can also check out an online service Sports Express that are especially for you to get your items like skies, snowboards, golf clubs ect you catch my drift here.

In a time when you want to hit the ground running you are wanting to ship your items to avoid the large waste of time in the waiting game at the luggage carousel. I mean we all need to pretend that we are on the amazing race show and if we are on the plane to Vegas when the drinks are waiting and the gaming tables are hot and ready for our winning streak.  This is the one way to make sure that your bags will be waiting for you when you arrive for sure. Having your items shipped is an almost 100% guarantee.

When you have a connecting flight this is a sure win win to get your bags to the right destination to make sure that you can jump from plane to plane, making your low cost make your own flight deals is truly a good deal by not missing your luggage at the end of your three plane jumping connecting flights. Delivery services do offer far better deals with more bells and whistles then any airline carries can, namely better insurance, & tracking.

All the while it is the best thing to have your things sent right to your home sweet home, never having to sit with the rest of the hacking, coughing, screaming babies, or that one person that stunk up the entire cabin and you were the lucky one that got to sit right next to them.  You can avoid the luggage circus and all those people you are never wanting to run into again by doing one simple thing.........
Shipping your luggage in my mind this is a win, win situation. One that you should try.