Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hotel review... Ocean Park Resort.......

To say things have changed with having the twins is a major understatement.  Before the boys every week or two I was going on hotel reviews like crazy.  I loved it. The love for travel is something that has always been such a big part of me. I wish I would have been like my cousin Maddy as she has been traveling the world since she turned 18!  This next month her and her sister Marlee are going on a travel journey through Europe.  I am the person that doesn't care about all the fancy cars and clothes that my friends brag about on their social media outlets but get really green eyed with envy if you brag about your latest travel adventure.
Hubs and I haven't gone anywhere sense the boys were born almost four years ago alone. I need to work on this. My sister in law laughed at me years ago when I said that traveling would never slow down once I had them.... Yes she was right and I was so very wrong.  We went to Kalaloch when the boys were almost two. That's when my sister and her husband and my nephew came up to visit from their home in Colorado. We had a great time and my parents joined us. It was an amazing time back then but, it took until now to go on our very first solo family vacation.

Our family use to go to Long Beach Washington all of the time and we decided that we wanted to go back to Ocean Park. The last time we all went was almost 10 years ago. So we called our favorite hotel and looked forward to our new memories with our little family.
Ocean Park resort is a small motel, with a RV and Tent camping park, along with a few cabins and mobile homes that they rent out to families during the summer and during razor clam digs, this place has always been packed.  When we pulled into the resort it was almost empty. I have never seen it like this at all.  We got our keys and paid the nice lady for our three day vacation. 

When we got into our room we realized just how come it was so empty. First we saw just how outdated it was..... We asked for a room with a TV that would be compatible with our DVD player. They said sure we have your room ready with a TV that should work.  We had two TV's, one with a built in VHS and one that had 4 channels that worked. There was no place to hook the DVD player up to the TV. The Coffee maker didn't work.  What else could set our day off on the wrong foot then no coffee.  The oven didn't work and we figured this out when we tried for almost an hour and a half for getting the boys pizza cooked.  Only parents know the beads of sweat a hungry child can make you feel.... 
We always look for a place to stay that has a washer and dryer that we can use. Being that we have the boys and we were at the ocean this was a major must have with where we stay. I went to their laundry room and in every drum of the washers was filled with gunk, yuckie cat food looking waste. I went and told the older man that was in the office and he said he would take care of it.  The next afternoon after a day at the beach the same things were in the drums of the washers.  So we went to a laundromat in Long beach. That night when we got back to the hotel and we were packing our things up I looked into some of the rooms down below just checking things out and what did every empty room on the first floor have?? Brand new working flat screen TV's! Even asking a few times to be moved to another room if the TV's worked else where in another room. They said they didn't have one and then I see this. I was so mad!  
But we didn't let that spoil our trip. We used our phones wifi and watched Netflix. Our little family is all we need for a fun time and on our first vacation as a family.  All in all, I would say stick with another place for around the same price then this. You can stay closer to Long Beach but not here. We left a comment in their room note book and it was sent back to us from the owners asking us to not come back again and that we were so loud and rude. It just made me happy my grandma didn't have to go back and see this. 

So from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best place we have ever stayed, I would give it a -10.  Never will go back and never will stay again. Also something I forgot to say was that they use to have a pool and when asked about it they made a rude comment about how handicap people don't come enough to pay for the lift to get them in and out of the hot tub and spa. When she was telling me about it she didn't know that Brock was handicap. I guess she was lucky that it was me she was offending and not someone else.