Sunday, August 15, 2010

Say something Saturday.... SweetBrier Patch Review.......

Sweetbrier Patch is what I am going to write about this month. This is my saving grace for my dogs. The way in how they get groomed is so wonderful now. My Dog’s use to get so scared when we would hit a mile or two away from the groomers. Now that Sweetbrier Patch come to our home make both of my fur babies feel so much more at ease. Plus when I am at home writing then they each get some one on one time with me and I think that we all love that.

Linnie became a resident  of Kingston in 1994. Her grandparents built a summer home on Miller Bay in 1942. Back then it was just a summer cabin to visit when they would come from the "big city". There was no road beyond Bay Marine, so they would have to walk past that point. Showing her roots she told me  “My grandfather taught "electricity" at the U of W. My father grew up on Miller Bay and started his own business reparing outboard motors when he was only 12 years old! My aunt was a postmaster.”

“I love Kingston!” Linnie said.  When she moved here in 1994 from Spokane she lived in her grandparent's house on the bay for about a year. Like most people Linnie fell in love with Kingston the first time she drove through it. Something very quaint about it always stuck with her. Linnie and her husband purchased property on South Kingston 13 years ago, Linnie just couldn't imagine a better place to raise her kids. The friendly and supportive community and the willingness to help one another makes this place special.” I really wouldn't change a thing.”

When I asked Linnie if there was anything she would like to see in the community, She said “ I would like to see Kingston offer a dog park at some point in the future. I think there are many dog lovers in our area that would really appreciate a place to take their dogs and socialize.” With that being said I couldn’t agree more. Maybe this is just one more thing our growing community needs to work together on. 

 When she came to the idea to do grooming she had been in between jobs about 3-1/2 years ago and really gave it a lot of thought about what to pursue next.  She happened to be visiting with my friend one evening and we were tossing out different ideas and she said, "Hey, I always thought it would be fun to be a groomer. Especially if you were a mobile groomer". I didn't really think much of it that night but it really stuck with me for a few weeks” This lead her to start doing some research on grooming schools and grooming in our area. With that research she found a few schools on the Seattle side and a couple of mobile groomers around the Kitsap Peninsula. But only a few. This idea started to take off.

When she decided  to make the leap three years ago she never gave it a second thought and to this day has never looked back. “That's kind of how I am about things. Full speed ahead. I knew that is I wanted my business to work that I would have to offer something different. By going mobile this would offer service to your door, less stress on the dogs, and one on one attention in a safe and loving environment” Her  husband Chuck "tagged" along with me and after about a year, we decided to add a second trailer to help meet the demand. Chuck helps out with some of the larger bath dogs. In addition they use only natural and organic products and everything is biodegradable.  You could call us "green groomers".

In asking about her business I asked what the hardest part is and Linnie said that It would have to have been the commuting to Marysville for grooming school 5-6 days a week for 3-1/2 months, during the winter.  That is a lot of time to give when you have a family and we are on the Peninsula. All of us that have done it even one time knows that it takes dedication and that is just how dedicated Linnie was.

 The upside to having her own business is that I get to set my own hours and it works well for taking time off  to spend time with her family. The downside is that there is only one of her, so when she is booked full, she is booked full! I know this because it takes 4-6 weeks to get in with her.  I drag my feet sometimes and it just means that my poor dogs have to wait because I wont go to anyone else. I wait for an opening.

They give to the community as well, by donating gift certificates for local area auctions and have volunteered thier services at some local events. “We groomed the dogs that were in our son's classes at Gordon the past 2 years as our "volunteer" time.” They even have their own discount program for grooming service dogs and dogs of disabled veterans. In the future Linnie said “ I am hoping to work out some details with the Salvation Army and are hoping to start a program where we can groom some dogs for the homeless.”  It made me even more proud and wanting to keep my business with Sweetbrier Patch when she told me “I am a veteran myself, so it means a lot to me go give back where I can”

Linnie gives all the credit to her awesome family that consists of her husband, Chuck, and three sons, Talon, Colin, and Gavin.

In the future they are hoping to open a grooming shop in Kingston within the next 5 years, in addition to being mobile. We also want to offer a pick up and delivery option to the salon as we realize mobile might not work for everyone. I know that those that know and use Sweetbrier Patch hope so too.

Linnie is so passionate about what I do and everyday she get to work with dogs. Who wouldn't love that.
 “ The best thing I have learned from running my own business is that as long as you stay true to yourself, be honest with your clients,  and do your very best everyday then success is sure to follow!”  Linnie is part of our family now. We love all she does to our dogs and if my dogs love her and aren’t afraid of her, but instead run up to her even when they know their getting a bath it means something. Animals just know who to love and trust and those of us that are lucky to get Linnie to groom our dogs know it too, She is a special lady with a great business.

 Linnie would like to take some time to  just have to add “ That if  it weren't for all of those wonderful and patient clients that stuck with me through all of the "bad hair" days with their pups.first hair cuts. I wouldn't be where I'm at today. And for that I am truly grateful. Also for the wonderful pet stores and veterinarians who have recommended our services.”

One last note Sweetbrier Patch serves Kingston, Hansville, Poulsbo, & Bainbridge Island.