Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

Today is Halloween. It has always been a very important day for me and then 9 years ago it became a day that I love to celebrate even more when it became "Hub's" Birthday. Today he turned 33. He is finally the same age as me. We are 4 months apart and I am a little older. I know! I know! Robbing the cradle! I am such a cougar!!  Friday I threw him a Surprise party and it was the best! He had no idea even though many people slipped and almost let the cat out of the bag. With some help from some great friends and family it went with out a hitch.

We laughed and danced and joked around. It was a nice feeling to be in the room with family and friends. For the first time letting the attention be centered around "Hub's" I know he doesn't like the attention on him but I think for a guy that works so hard never asks for anything goes to work all the time. Always going the extra mile for anyone.  To know "Hub's" is truly to love him.

When I am cold he gives me his sweater.
When I am upset he clams me.
When I am happy he is the one that made me smile.
When I cry he is the one that brings me comfort.
When I come up with a new hair brain idea he does the math for me.
When I am hurt he makes the hurt go away.
When I tell him I want to sell everything and live in a VW bus, he
looks at me and smiles then talks about it in great length and how we will do it
when he retires.
He is my best friend. Because when I fight with my best girlfriends he is there to
hold me and tell me it is okay and we will work through it.
He is my travel partner, and road trips are the most fun with him.
He knows my in's and out's.
He takes my mood swings and my craziness.
I love him so much.
He truly completes me.
He is the half that makes me whole.

Happy Birthday Hub's and Happy Halloween to all my friends.