Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meeting some new friends on Sunday blog hops! :)

This weekend I was able to be in a few blog hops & I have to say I love meeting new friends. Happy Sunday friends. I have some great posts for you this week. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A travel writers worst fear.. Bed Bugs.

I have a secret that I’m going to let only my close friends know so listen closely. I have a fear.......

I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like something is crawling over my legs, that brings me in a panic tearing my covers off me in a panic just to check my mattress. Thinking that I see a speck that is moving against the mattress or lint on my Pj’s knowing that they just have to be A bed bug. 
Here are some things that helped me try to calm down just alittle bit about where I am staying you can now check the hotel that you are staying at ahead of time at A great resource to check and see if you can rest your head in peace. Be careful not to end up like me, this is like crack to me and my OCD just loves it! Another bonus about the web page is you can tell them 
What has been known in the past until now was that it was mostly in the Big Cities. this isn’t the case anymore. With this big scary bed bugs getting rid of them is not an easy task. Most cases of  infestation will require treatment by a pest-control expert. A variety of low-odor sprays, dusts, and aerosol insecticides can be used to eradicate the problem. Once applied to all the areas where the bugs have been seen or could be at, all the spaces where they may crawl or hide. The worst part that can happen is that you will have to ask the pest-control company for help so that you can determine if the mattress can be disinfected or discarded. That is a big amount of money  for you to replace a bed since beds cannot readily be treated with insecticides, it's often necessary to discard infested mattresses and bedding. What are bed bugs? 
Many people don’t know what Bed bugs are, so here is a run down to my nightmare! They are small, oval, non-flying insects which includes three species that bite people. Adult bed bugs reach 5-7 mm in length, while Nymphs are as small as 1.5 mm. Bed bugs have flat bodies and may sometimes be mistaken for a tick or small cockroaches. Bed bugs feed by sucking blood from humans or animals! If I wanted to be bitten I would call up Edward Cullen!!!! Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color, appearing 
more reddish after feeding on a blood meal. Nymphs are clear in color and appear bright red after feeding. The wings of bed bugs are vestigial, so they cannot fly. If you see little black spots or stains on the mattress that is a true sign that you have been infected! This is bed bug poop! Yes bed bugs poop!!! It is like lice in your bed, having to watch or take everything that can’t throw in the machine to be washed to the cleaners. 
Bed bugs die in a temperatures over 120. I have a complete check list of things I do when I arrive at my hotel room, I check the headboard and box spring for the bugs. If I find any I ask the hotel front desk to find me another room. I store my luggage in the bath room so that it is less likely to  find a cold, hard surface unlike the new soft materials.  Always use the luggage rack set nothing on the floor!
You can bring bed bugs in your house by your bags, or purses, jacket, all your clothes, your suitcase that you were in the hotel with. 
Here are a few tips to not bring the bedbugs home with you.
Wash everything after a trip! Not just the dirty stuff. Maybe going the extra mile by taking all your clothes off in the garage ( make sure you shut the door so you don’t scare the neighbors!) Clean out and vacuum your suitcase.
Here is one that you might never think about....    Double and triple your second hand clothes, Not just that the second hand clothes but the ones you by at the stores like Old navy  or Kohls, You are not the only one trying on the clothes that you buy and bring home. Protect you beds by using a encasements made by either a protect-a-bed or a mattress safe! They are pricey but worth it to not have to go buy a new bed set. 
Remember that since bed bugs can live for months without feeding, they can also be found in vacant homes!!! Yikes I am know scratching my head, legs, my dog! Just remember the saying
“Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” I will never think of that again the same way. Now I’m off to bed with the flashlight to do my nightly bed check! 

For my Seattle friends here you go a list of Seattle area hotels. 

1112 4th Ave Seattle, WA
Travelodge Seattle Weste Sw Ala
1800 Yale Ave Seattle, WA
Best Western Loyal Inn
13700 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA
La Hacienda Motel
5414 1st Ave S Seattle, WA
Holiday Inn Express Seattle City Center, Seattle
226 Aurora Ave. North, Seattle, Wa Seattle, WA
105 Pike St Seattle, WA
14817 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA
8900 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA
Curben Apartments
1726 Summit Ave Seattle, WA
Hampton Inn Bellingham
3985 Bennett Dr Bellingham, WA

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad waitress!

Today we went to a new place for us, trying to put together a quick sit down meal that didn’t have a playground with golden arches. We decided to try this place call the Toad house. 
We pulled in and thought that it would be a nice place to try. I had gone there before with my parents almost a year ago. When I went there we had pizza. I thought at that time there were not good, but not bad. This made me think to try it again. 
“Hubs” and I walked into the door & were greeted about four minutes after we entered. The waitress looked like she was going to be a extra in the latest zombie movie.  Nameless waitress sat us down, put the menu down, walked away.  
Eight minutes later we got asked if we wanted to have something to drink. 
five minutes later she brought the diet coke and water, she then takes our orders.  40 minutes later our order came, we ordered two sandwiches, yes sandwiches!!!!!!  They were good except for the fact that they put five cups of mayo on it when I asked for no Mayo but I guess we would have to have a waitress  that acted like she gave a damn, not even coming back once to ask if we need anything else or bring refills for out drinks! 

So I will never go back here! I couldn't go to sleep tonight before I gave a review. People should always act like they have a food reviewer at each table. It is amazing why people that have a job in a public business that they should be happy and thankful in the time when jobs are so hard to come by to act like they are happy to be there! 

I am sure the owners of the Toad House is going to be pretty upset that because one of their employees 
not giving a crap O' La about their guests that come to enjoy their food, and for that two people with big mouths told ten people who told ten more people, and so on and so forth until the words has gone all over the place! 

So next time Zombie waitress put a smile on your face, check in with your tables and really act like you give a damn! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the Salishan Lodge & Golf Resort

Our stay at the Salishan Lodge & Golf Resort was a romantic getaway. A great way for me to spend the day in the spa while the “Hub’s” played his game of Golf.  Then having a wonderful dinner at the onsite places to eat and shop at were the icing on the cake.  
The front desk was very helpful and cordial to us at check in, we were greeted by name and we found that the staff was tremendously generous added a great, personal touch to our stay with them putting a basket of goodies in our room, I have to say that is what always makes me feel a little extra special.  They even upgraded us to a wonderful & beautiful deluxe room on the side of the property, that has a great view of the bay. Having just done a complete remodel,  now all of the rooms have a flat screen TV.  The Bathroom was my favorite part of the entire suite because of the rich decor and the marble tile walls and floors, and a granite counter, the fireplace out in the family room was a nice addition. Being able to feel like you are staying in a studio flat, with Wifi, kitchen table for two, a fold out couch and two big oversized chairs perfect to do some reading time to get lost in your little world. My other favorite thing about our room was the lovely rockers for you to sit out in like did as we sat out there with our glass of wine and watched the sunset over the beautiful golf course & the view of the ocean. It was so stunning. The rich greens and gold tones took your breathe away. Truly one of the best sunsets I have seen in my life time. 
 The Salishan Spa continues to be an indulgent, luxurious, and a beautiful experience,  Adjacent to the resort part of the property they have a complex the most sought after part of this complex is the spa. It shows off the amazing views of the  Siletz Bay, the spa is located in this location is the perfect  marriage to provide a tranquil escape. They want you to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.  “Hub’s” and I enjoyed the co-ed whirlpool,  wet and dry saunas, rain showers.
We also enjoyed the above and beyond place to eat, 
The food at both the main dining room and through room service are excellent. The service at the bar is wonderful as well, the more casual restaurant was just as wonderful and you could go their dressed down.  
Activities in house are amazing, you never even have to leave the resort. For the outdoor lovers you can enjoy the Outdoor Recreation Center With a Bocce ball, half court basketball, beach volley ball, and jungle gym there is something to do for everyone at the outdoor recreation area.
Not a great golfer but still love the game? Well you are in luck for you and your family you can do what “Hub’s” and I did and enjoy their Putting Course Perfect for some family fun or an after hours gentlemen's game. With the natural beauty of the golf course as the backdrop, par is attainable but fun is guaranteed.  Also fun things for you and your family to do that the resort hand pick activities that they knew would make all of their guests happy, Like their smores parties, BINGO, Putting competitions, sports games, children’s golf and even tennis clinics.  They even have a unique thing that they offer to their guests,
While I was there I checked out their event areas, because I am always looking for places to hold blogger events or Kingstongirl weekends, I would have to say that I would plan a weekend event here in a heartbeat. truly an excellent place to host business associates both during meetings as well as in a social environment. 
The 1/2 mile or so walk along the nature trail that leads to the beach is very nice--especially with “Your Fur babies” Our dogs loved the walking trail & the large pet room! One of my number one favorite things to “Hub’s” and I was the fact that you can stay in a deluxe suite and not feel like you are in a room that is pet friendly like so many are. Where they give you the worst room with all the worn out bedding, and the carpet you walk on feels wet because it is so dirty! This is not the case with this pet friendly room. 
For the golf lovers they command your respect hands down there isn’t much competition with this course, this course features 18 distinctive holes. The moment your cleats hit the course to the time you are walking off  after you finish your game you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that surrounds you. This course will test all of your skills, from the front nine holes surrounded by old growth timber, to the back nine holes that pay tribute to origins of golf with links style play. 
Along with the Resort remodel at the same time they Redesigned the Golf course, designed by Oregon golf legend and PGA Professional Peter Jacobsen this par 71, course is open year round.
Having an onsite pro shop features state of the art equipment, the best in men and women’s sports wear, and a relaxing bar and grill. Another added treat is the onsite PGA Professional Mark Swift he will fit you with a set of rental clubs or fine tune your game with a lesson on their year round driving range or practice green!! 
I enjoyed the entire experience, although you are not directly on the beach. Where most of the resorts on the coast are, this is perfect to be off the beaten path, a mecca for the ones that love being outdoors or sports this is your safe haven. They even give us the views of the ocean from most of the hotel property. 
I look so forward to coming back and enjoying another relaxing and fun weekend. Never even having to leave the resort. For those of you that haven’t stayed here do yourself  a favor and book your trip soon!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sea Lion Caves..

I hadn’t been to the Sea Lion Caves for years. I think the last time that I was there was when I was about 6 it was the summer between my kindergarden year and first grade.
We drove down Highway 101 down to California. It was so fun. I remember the smell of that cave. So when the “Hub’s” & I had the chance to visit and check out the Sea Lion Caves we were both pretty excited. 
The Sea Lion Caves is nature's home for wild sea lions and a variety of sea birds. Sea Lion Caves is located North of Florence on the Oregon Coast. The large cavern with the roar of the sea lions, the cries of the wailing birds, and the restless surge of the ocean into the cave below, is truly a treat from all ages.  Going down below the earth in the elevator my heart sunk down my chest as we dropped and dropped down. When we got to our final level we were able to go and take a great look at the caves that the hundreds of Sealions. that live there.

Inside of the cave it is wet, dark, and cold. The smell wasn't as bad as I would have thought or that I remember from when I was little. From the elevator to the opening of where you can view the sea lions you is about 40 steps down, and 40 steps back up. We also enjoyed the fact that we were able to walk a slightly steep walk up a wet, slippery stair way to the original stairs into the cave. I couldn't even try to imagine myself going up and down that way you use to. I would have been sick and my fear of hights would have never been allowed me to go that way to get down there. The idea of the elevator was almost to much for me this modern day way. 
Generally in the spring and summer the Sea Lions are on the rocky ledges just outside the cave. This is their rookery where breeding, birthing, and congregating goes on. During the fall and winter they are usually inside their cave. When we were there they were all out in the water from the top of the viewing area you could see them. We also saw whales dancing around in the waves there as well.

Sea Lions breed and bear young in the spring, usually in May and June, although some breeding occurs as late as July or even August. The coincidence of breeding and bearing was once thought possible because female Sea Lions have a twin uterus, a characteristic of all pinnipeds. Also, it was assumed that the Stellar Sea Lion bore a pup each year like it's close relative the Alaska Fur Seal.

During the breeding season, the bulls fight for territories on the rocky ledges just outside the cave. Only the largest and strongest bulls maintain harems of fifteen to thirty cows. The remainder are called bachelor bulls and are driven away to live elsewhere during this period. From April until about mid-July, the family structure is plainly evident with the young born on the rocky ledges outside the cave. It is very rare for a cow to give birth inside the grotto.

 Until late in July when the harem structure dissolves, the herd bulls keep constant vigil over their females. Occasionally a young, strong bachelor succeeds in besting an older bull thereby acquiring the herd. The herd bulls do not leave their harems even for food for perhaps three months. Only the largest ocean waves can drive them from the ledge into the sea. Females display no loyalty and when a harem is broken by a storm, the bull may never recover all of his chosen mates. Therefore, much of his work involves keeping his "wives" from slipping away in search of food or because of high waves and rough ocean. Naturally, the bulls have lost weight and are exhausted by the end of the breeding season and they generally spend the remainder of the summer by themselves, resting and regaining their strength.
The entire experience of the caves was wonderful except that you have to pay an arm and leg to go down to the caves. I wish that they would have told us there were no sea lions in the cave. I am happy that we went down but know that if I didn’t go down I would have completely kicked myself for not going. 
What is the one thing that you keep or collect on trips? For me I collect spoons and art that is done by any local. I keep the cost down by taking pictures. This is a great way to collect memories and then upload all of 
them for a coffee table photo booth. 

I loved this adventure. It was a fun time and another memory I get to share with the "hubs" I'm beyond blessed to be a travel writer and get to see so many fun things and go back to things and places that I once enjoyed as a child. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Assistant is a life savor...

So I wanted to do something that I know I can do to help just a little. Then she turned around and did something else to make it back about being about me. So sweet.  If you want any information about her marykay business feel free to tell her Kingstongirl has sent you! 

I  have the pleasure of having an assistant her Name is Sara & she has also started her own MaryKay business. Being that I have done direct sales a time or two she is such a go get it kind of a girl & will go above and beyond for you! It would be great for you to just have her ad you to her mailing list. 
I am doing a promotion for my assistant's business.  She is offering 25% off on orders now through Sunday.  Sweetly she is offering that any sales she will be donating A portion of her sales is being for mine & Chris’s baby fund.  There are great gifts for Valentine's day for men and women....Mini Satin Hands is the gift with purchase when you order 50.00 worth of gift wrapping, gift certificates are available and always free delivery!  
Sara Wright
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
360 536 1456 

Thank you for helping me when I need it the most, to always be thinking  one step ahead for me. You are amazing and I am blessed to have you as an assistant but more importantly my friend. I just know that this year is going to be fun, & a great start to a wonderful business & friend relationship! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

I reached a goal! :)

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to say that I am busy enough to have an assistant!  It is so exciting for me to have grown so big  so fast. I have so many great things to reflect on. 
I feel so blessed to have the connections that I have made. All have started as professional but almost all of them have ended up in friendships.  I couldn’t have hand picked them myself. 
The past year I have stayed in places I have only day dreamed about. I have tried things, tested things, been to amazing places to eat. Swam in the cold water of the canal with my best friend.  I have had the chance to be on a weekly radio show and become really great friends with the main host Kevin! 
Now being so busy I have been thinking about a few things that I truly  feel like I need extra hands, so I have a check list 
I need an assistant maybe two (2) I  need a agent for all my pots in the fire! :)  It is a goal and has been a goal from the time I started this venture.  
So that is what I did! One of my goals has been reached! I can cross this one off my list of things to do!  I got an assistant today! A great girl name Sara. She is fun, outgoing and driven. She is dead on and will work hard for me. I know she will have my back and help me problem solve, book hotels and events.  Sara reminds me of who??? Me a few years ago. I just love her!!!!

Happy Monday! ( almost Tuesday!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaving time at the airport!

You know that it is very hard to fly now a days. Crowds, lines, naked ex-rays. Well I wanted to give you a few friendly travel tips.  I love to travel ( Or I wouldn’t be a travel writerduh!)
So if you want to travel and do it a little fast start with going on a Tuesday or Wednesday  Airports tend to be less crowded on those days. What is even better is if you leave on a Saturday morning just by doing this you skim down 45 minutes. 
Like us in Seattle you should always check the smaller airports first. I always check the boeing Field. My sister in law who is one savy chick got a steal of a deal to fly out of Bellingham & Portland  is also a great smaller airport to fly out of. DOing this will help shave off the wait time saving you at least 30 minutes. Plus if you are a nut case like me you wont have to worry about missing the plane.  I get to the airport so early that most of the time I can hop a earlier flight! :) 
Print your boarding pass at home. This is the easiest way to travel. You can also almost have your hotel print them for you on your return home.  Now a days most hotels have a business center and you can do that all on your own. Saving you at 30 minutes! 
Avoid having to be naked body scanned by going through the first time with flying colors! ( not pun intended.)  Don’t wear a underwire bra and hair pins, even these littlest things can send  the bells ringing and hold you up and the countless number of people behind you!

Never ever wrap a gift in wrapping always make it easy for TSA to not hold you up.  I always put everything in zip lock bags. The lap top, cell phone, i-pod, cords all together in one, my camera & cell phone in another, & then the lap top can go in it’s own bin.  All this will save you about 15-20 minutes
Also another thing that “Hub’s” and I do is one of us will go first add all of our stuff in the same bins walk away and collecting the stuff and putting it in the right place!  Saving you about 5 minutes and the piece of you rear end the person will bite off for taking so long,  this way no one can run off with your things! Yes even TSa agent has been known to take a thing or two. 

Don't get a Cart to wheel around your stuff from one end of the airport to the other until you are through security! Also this is a great hint for your carry on. Now you get two things to carry, Have a husband and you have 3 1/2!  What I do is pack all the things you will need or want in two bags that will fit in the floor storage in front of you.. This way it is easy to grab.  In one bag I have any meds, food/snacks an extra diet coke that I buy after the security. Then the other one is filled with our digital readers, mags,  gum, laptop, camera for that on the plane pose we always have to do!  Chapstick,  You name it for entertainment. 

Well I hope that helps with your time shaving on jet setting! :)  Don't forget that you should always wear slip ons! :) 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sorry for the brief vacation on the blog. I will be 110% on it again Starting tomorrow. I have had some rough things happen this week. 
I have lots of fun things ahead the next week. 
I also will be splitting into two blogs. 
A personal one ( because I like to talk about my everyday life)
But I feel like this is should be 
business only on this blog. 
Fun things to do and places to do it.
Hotels and vacation stories. 
That is what is happening next. <3
Thanks for keeping coming back for more! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Challenge three.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Secret Single Behavior

When you were single, what behaviors did you keep to yourself?  If you are single, what behaviors do you only exhibit when you aren't around a date, etc…    {Pigging out on a tub of ice cream, etc…}

My Single secret behavior when I am on a Travel Review is to bounce on the bed when no one is watching... turn on the I-pod docking station and dance in my PJ's! I also take a hot bubble bath when I wake up in the morning just to be able to soak in the 24 hours of a hotel stay! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

The first of 7 truths I am going to work on this year!!!

 You need something done, you let me know.  I’ll get it done. By “get it done” I mean I will add it to my thirty page to-do list and then promptly ignore it!  In the second breathe I am Johnny on the spot! I am the one that will get everything done in 24 hours and will make it happen.  The freelance life makes me a little more like the Queen of Procrastination,. and the all mighty princess of Dilly-Dallying. 
I have every intention to finish my long list every day not being able to complete it all makes me feel like I slept the entire day away. I feel like I am letting someone down. Letting myself down. 
I don’t know why I am like this, I just am. My therapist (yes, I use to see a therapist.. if you were me you would too! stop judging me right now! & yes I broke up with her because I couldn’t keep my plans with her! At one time she told me that it’s a method of self destruction. I know, it sounds like I’m crazy right? Maybe yes? Maybe no? what this means in a nutshell is I self sabotage myself. When I really do think about it, I guess she was right. Now I have to just figure out why I'm do this in the first place?! 
 I have the very best of intentions, I really do. The never ending inventory of un-reached goals I am chock full of great ideas.  I want to do so many wonderful things, the ideas spill from me, my head is a mish mash of OCD.  
Never having the wilpower to stick with one thing. I make some of my goals become reality. There are so many people that don’t get It & it causes some of the people in my life to become completely pissed off.  It isn’t like this is what I want to be like. I know that when I get nervous or have an idea I talk it out. I talk about it with anyone that will listen. This is what I have always done & I am pretty sure that when I say “ I am going to open a scrapbooking store.” People hear just that. Well what I am saying in my mind is “ I would love to one day open a scrapbooking store (maybe) some day!
That gets me in hot water alot. 
  So, what’s the deal? Why don’t I just do it? Well, I am amazingly over scheduled and that makes it so hard to just take the time out. I wish I knew why I was this way. I wish I knew why I feel the need to set myself up for disappointment. Do I fear the responsibilities that will come along with success? 
There has been many times that I have lost friendships because of this. Because. I am better then I was before but this is what I use to do..... Call, email, or run into a friend. Set up a date and cancel. When I say “We should totally should go to the movies next week!” my friends says “great 
let’s meet next Wednesday at two at the Kingston theater!” I say “perfect”. Then the next thing I know Its the day before and I email them or call them and say ” I can’t make it.”  This is what I use to do. I no longer do it! If I can’t make a date with someone I have a reason. Not just to sit at home and paint my nails! This is one goal that I have reached. 

I will go into the I can’t say “NO” post tomorrow. So for the next 365 days I will not over book myself. Run myself into the wall and back out of something I have started. I will Follow through. I will be the best person to myself and to my friends in my life. 
As for me, I will be doing some soul searching over the next year. I am going to make myself into the person that I want to be. I need to not sit on facebook all day, not working on my blog, or my book, or any project that I haven’t checked off my list first. That work first play later! 

With the fresh start doing this I started today to work on my Kitchen Counter, with the TV off set a timer wrote my list and did those things before I got back to facebooking. 

I will tell you how it goes but I will be trying this! It can only make my life better right? 
What is going on Monday, January 3, 2011

The Morning Routine

If I don't do/have this in the morning, it offsets my entire day! 
I feel like I wont have the best day if I don't have a Diet coke and my Apple lap top to check my facebook. blog, Twitter, and emails in that order! :) 
If I get up and "Hub's" is on the lap top before me Oh man my entire day is off. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Challenge two!

Blogging challenge 2....... Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 2011 To - Do List
What would you like to accomplish this year?  What are the places you would like to visit in 2011?  What do you hope to check off your bucket list in 2011?

Here are a few things off my bucket list. I know that I did this a week or so ago for 101 in three years. Well mine as well use a few of those ideas. 

One. I would love to clean the garage top to bottom make it sparkle and shine. With out the hubs having to help me so when he drives in he can be be blown away! 

Two. Host a dinner party for a few close friends, a few of our favorite couples or just a hand full of my best girl friends. 

Three: Spend my next (34th) birthday in Las Vegas with the same couples that I have over for the dinner party... or just the girlfriends for a girls trip! 

Four: Take a photo of every places we have lived then put it in a photo book and give it to the "Hub's" for our 9th anniversary! We have moved alot so it will be a big picture book!!

Five: Have my own weekly radio show! 

Six: Go to the movies all by myself. 

Seven: Make and ride in 15 parades this year! 

Eight:  Make and sell things on Etsy! :) 

Nine: Become a Chamber member for 10 towns.

Ten: Be women of the year!! 

eleven:  Become a Mommy! 
Well I just love blog challenges and I found one from the Blog dare on Bloggy Mom's! It is always fun to keep the creative train a going so I am going to play catch up on this fun blog dare! 

So here is the first two posts that I am needing to get updated on. Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is your resolution for 2011?  Do you often make a resolution and not keep it?  What is the longest you have kept a New Years resolution?  What is your most often chosen New Years resolution?  What do you think about New Years resolutions?

Wow! This is a tough one to do there are so many goals both personally and professionally. I will try to be brief but bare with me for a second. 

I always say I am going to stop drinking diet coke. Cross it off my list and save that money for something else. I think that I am going to stick with it and the longest it has lasted is 16 days... then like a plane zooming faster and faster towards the earth until it crashes like a giant big ball of flames, that is me...... plus have you ever had that headache that goes with the stopping of drinking diet coke? I would rather be hit smack in the forehead with a freaking hammer. Although it makes it on my list every year. 

I want to make sure that I get my books ( I have 5 I am writing at one time. 3 are travel books.) I would like to have this done by my anniversary May 20th! 

Work on myself daily. Mind, body & spirit. In 2011 I want to become the person my "fur babies" think I am. Nothing in the world will love you more then your four legged family member. 

Do fun Kingstongirl events and truly do whatever I can to make sure that my Kingstongirl brand is four times more known. 

Not to put things off for tomorrow! I need to use my office and take the office hours and when I leave that room I am done with writing, reading and working. At the point I work on things for Kingstogirl from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Only logging off cyber space when "Hub's" wants to use it to check his facebook. I give him an hour, then I start itching for the computer back. 

I want to make the friendship's that I have that much richer. Taking time to really let them know how much they mean to me. I am blessed to have them, they are the ones that make me a better person. 

I will stop having to be in control all the time & start remembering what "Hub's" always tells me. No matter what everything seems to have a way to work itself out. He is right and it seems like it always does. I also want to stop nagging! I do that to much. :) 

I want to make sure that I am more calm, I want to be a better wife. I know that I can improve on talking less listening more, tell him that I love him and how much his hard work pays off. In a time when two people have to work to make a house hold run, he not only let's me stay home and not work outside the house. Always telling me how proud he is that I get to be a freelance writer and a hotel reviewer. Telling me that he just loves to read my articles in the local newspaper then showing it to anyone and everyone around. 

Traveling more and more and seeing some more fab places. Also making sure that I make great new connections. 

I believe that this year is going to be the best year of my life. The ride is going to be wild and I can't wait to have you in the passenger seat in my little road trip! Oh and I am sorry if this makes you gag! 

Or that you are sick of hearing about it but..................................... I can not wait to be a mama! This is the year that it is going to happen. Can't get much better then that. 

The Hotel Review for the Hotel Alexis in Seattle.

My visit for our part two of our mini vacation in down town Seattle was another stay at a Kimpton property!  One of three in the down town area.  What a treat it was for us to be able to stay at  the Alexis,  that was recently named one of  Travel + Leisure's "Best 500 Hotels in the World" list.  A wonderful accomplishment that just stepping into the lobby you can feel and 
know why right away. 
Going to The Alexis during the holiday season, we were able to enjoy the extra lights, and all the extra touches that they put out for their guests, beautiful decorated trees & gingerbread villages make the lobby and hotel seem to sparkle even more!  Who would have thought that would even be able to be done? Then with the morning coffee that they have in the lobby they add Chai for the pour souls in Seattle like me that don't like Coffee! ( unless it is an extra extra white Chocolate Mocha!) Lord help me if I can taste the coffee....

A living and breathing work of art the Alexis which was recently renovated, is deemed a luxury boutique hotel that is fully committed to the arts community. Being a hot hotel it's so  Unique by displaying original pieces throughout the richly decorated guestrooms and public spaces. They make sure that each hotel visitor is truly going to enjoy every single hand picked artwork & the pieces that showcase the diversity and culture distinctive to the Pacific Northwest. 

While on our stay the Alexis had a few different events going on, the first was the The Alexis "Art Walk" which features art exhibits by local artists. The exhibit rotates every quarter and features various artwork.  In addition to the "Art Walk", the quarterly exhibitions feature works in the Gallery room as well as the Hotel Lobby,  The concept of a rotating art exhibit is beyond brilliant and can be found throughout the public spaces and along the "Art Walk," a hallway dedicated to fine art. This is highly popular with the locals and is known in the community for its exhibits. This Hotel takes this to heart proudly remembering that they are as much a staple in the community as the Pike Market & the Spaceneedle!  They always take extra time to put the Seattle community first! 

Speaking of "Art" the package that we got was the Picasso is coming to Seattle! Enjoy this landmark exhibit, Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris, with a special experience from the Alexis Hotel:

    * Deluxe accommodations
    * Two VIP tickets to the Picasso exhibit at the nearby Seattle Art Museum
    * 2 cocktails at the Bookstore Bar, inspired by the Picasso exhibit (non-alcoholic drinks available for children)
    * Chef Tiffany's 'Bleu Fries' (in honor of his blue period)
    * Complimentary keepsake poster from the Seattle Art Museum

*offer valid October 8, 2010 – January 17, 2011
 All packages include:

    * Hosted evening wine reception in the hotel's lobby
    * Morning coffee service
    * Choice of daily local or national newspaper
    * Plush terrycloth robes for use while in the hotel
    * Use of private steam room and fitness facility
    * Evening turndown service (upon request)
    * Shoeshine service
    * Concierge service

The front desk gave us our two tickets and with  our hotel umbrella & we bundled up & headed out to make it to the SAM. To see the artwork, home video's, hear the commentary and see the  photo's of Picasso was one of the biggest highlights of my entire life. Truly able to learn all of his lovers, children, & why his art changed to display his feelings. If you don't see this you will be sadly missing out.  Paring this and the hotel is simply the greatest package I have yet to see at any hotel I have seen!

Our room was so beautiful! Breathe taking to be truthful. A non-smoking room (All rooms are non-smoking) A king size bed with butter soft egyptian cotton linens & goose down comforters, two side tables, a lovely stand up shower with marble accents & premium bath amenities, that make you feel like you are home like the lovely terrycloth bathrobes or the hairdryer. Also I didn't remember my straight iron for my hair that night and they sent one right up! What a girls needs in Seattle rain!  It is so nice to stay at a hotel that remembers everything even the things you don't think of.  Another nice touch that they do per-request is their Turndown service with chocolates and daily weather report. 

There were two Flat panel LCD televisions featuring on-demand movies, one in the bedroom area one in the living area, along with a mini bar and a refrigerator. The "computer desk" was great as well as the high back swivel chair in front of it, other added touches from home were the iron and board, and cordless phones.  A lovely fireplace and a small but adequate mini library offered many great titles to thumb through on your stay.  A coffee table and a lovely couch in the living area,  An amazing view of 1st Ave, a delight to sit and watch the city lights twinkle & shine and the cars breeze by.   

I loved our room so much that I would have stayed in the room the entire time. Only leaving a few times to go to the two on site place to eat, drink & be extremely happy! 

The library bistro,  an artist and book lovers dream to dine at is reminiscent of a 1940s and 1950s style restaurant with high back booths, ten-foot high bookcases, contemporary copper and bronze checkerboard tiles and oiled oak floors. Their menu brings together local and seasonally inspired cuisine, with signature cocktails and a variety of American wines with a Pacific Northwest focus. Makes the visit a must to do if you are visiting a place to check of your Seattle to do list!

The bookstore bar, is a fun place that is filled with Shelves of books that line the walls near the ornate wood bar and create a comfortable reading room vibe. All the Diners can peruse the extensive selection of cookbooks (also available for purchase), as well as magazines and newspapers from around the country. An outstanding selection of single malt scotch, single barrel bourbon and international beers are offered for your enjoyment, a great place to hide from the rain and not leave the hotel grounds. 

Join the hotel guest with an experience only a hotel like the Alexis can bring to you, when you can  enjoy their nightly wine reception where you can not only meet other inspiring guests, but enjoy a glass of wine as you channel your inner artist by painting postcards to mail home. To explore that artist inside you is just another reason you will enjoy your time here.

Bring your "fur Baby or Babies" with you! You know how important bringing our Fur babies are to me! The Alexis brings it! This is one hotel that is fully committed to being  pet-friendly!  They accept any number of pets without size or weight restrictions and for no extra charge!!! yeah baby! This is a dream come true for all of us "Fur baby" Parents.  Upon check-in, all pet guests receive the following with our compliments:  * A designer doggie bed * A water bowl with distilled water * Complimentary pet treats They can arrange pet sitting services either with their friendly & loveable front office staff!  Or through one of their dedicated pet-sitting referrals, as you explore the shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants in the area! Now that is a 5 paw rating!  Special arrangements for special doggie in-room dining options, in addition to private sessions with a grooming service can be at your service...(both for a fee). What a great idea to enjoy a spa day for you and your "fur babies"

A few other things that you must know about The Alexis has is they have a 24 hour business center  complete with two computer stations and laptop hookup. Wireless high speed internet access in our private dining facilities Personalized room preferences and welcome amenities for Kimpton InTouch guest loyalty members, Full service Milagros SalonSpa on site, a renowned salon and day spa destination, Complimentary daily newspaper of your choice, overnight shoe shine, 24 hour room service from Library Bistro, Complimentary 24-hour fitness facility featuring state of the art Precor equipment and free weights, complimentary private steam room.  Full service Concierge staff along with Overnight valet parking $36 + tax, with in and out privileges (hybrid vehicles receive 50% off parking). A large Array of boutique shopping for your pleasure located on the main level of the hotel.  Also a green hotel! Ahhh my heart just skipped a beat! 

When you stay at the Alexis you are treated like that friend you can't wait for them to visit.  This is how they treat each of their guests. From the moment you walk into the lobby to the end of your stay when you check out you feel special. That you are a VIP guest. This is just one reason why Kimpton properties are some of my very favorite places to stay at! I can't wait to check out the hotel vintage plazza the third property in Seattle! 

Go check out a night at this wonderful hotel & tell them that Kingstongirl Sent you!