Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mishaps and advenures in mommyhood.

I use to have the time to sit and write everyday. Being able to go at a moments notice to do these fab hotel reviews and wonderful nights out on the town. Sharing with my readers the places to go, food to try and play and productions to get tickets to and go enjoy. My goal was to always help women in business in the local area and beyond. I thought I was busy then......

Then at the 28 mark of the birth of my twin boys things changed, things became busy but I still had time to write and review. Then after a few months in the NICU baby F got to come home on Christmas eve, the very best gift a mommy could have gotten I was so torn at that very moment I came to understand that no matter what unless my boys were together I would feel torn and missing the other. 

It took a little over a month until Baby B could come home. He had some problems I wont get into it now, but when he did get home having two babies and the trying to do the balancing followed. I thought that I knew it all and boy oh boy I had no idea.

My journey into motherhood was not what the normal way in to which most have babies, the way I did it was what you hear about on the cover of US weekly. What you think Stars do so that they don't gain any weight of have any of that pain that goes into child birth. My story is nothing like that, my dream my entire life was to be a mama, my family knew that and when all the stars in the sky were in the right order and my cousin who is more like my sister decided to help me make my dream come true of having a little person call me mommy!

Lucky for me, I got the best buy one get one free deal ever. When they told us we were having twins my heart about exploded, first with delight and being over joyed, then next fear and self doubt that follwed me around. How the heck could I be a mommy to two babies at once. Piece of cake right?  WRONG! :)

I know this so far:  I'm very very far from being a perfect parent and I have so much to learn. What I know for sure is that this is the life I have always wanted and I'm not the same person I was 6 months ago and I thank the Lord above about that! F&B made me a completely different person, a mommy. How they grow up and treat me will be how they love and treat their families later in life. I can't mess this up like so many things I have messed up in my life before this.
This sounds crazy but I truly feel like I was born the day they were.

I decided that as a blogger who is now a mommy, that I would write more about that. I will still do posts about what is fun and hotel reviews that are kid friendly, how when we plan a trip to Disney on a shoe string budget.  I will tell you of places to eat that don't give you the hairy eyeball if your kid screams or makes a mess on the table or in his pants.  There will be laugter till you cry reading what I am going through, and at times crying until you laugh with me.  I will be painfully truthful of my misguided attempts at doing the best at rasing these beautiful baby boys and not driving away my husband.

I invite you on this journey.