Sunday, June 20, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I was walking down to graduate. 
All my thoughts and dreams were right there. 
I thought I knew it all and I thought that I was an adult.
I was 18 & I wanted this part of my life to be done...
well that was then and this is now.
What I would give to go back and do it all over.
I would so be a better daughter, 
I wouldn't be into boys...I would study!
So with those thoughts I thought I would share my pics of
my class photos of 1996

My Dad, Me & Mom ( Wow we were young)
Grandpa Elmer me & Grandma Aggie
Grandma Mom, Me & Grandpa Ed
My Grandma-Mom and I 
This weekend two of my girls ( One a Niece I adpoted :) The other is my Cousin Maddy.) that have been my world for the their entire lives. 
both different but none the less loved then the other. 

Kaley is the reason I have always wanted kids & why I have always wanted a little girl. Her parents are two of the best people I have known. They were like the sister and brother I have always wanted and needed growing up.
Suzie, was my true first best friend. She shared her children with me and let me be a part of their lives. 
Kaley and I have always been close and the love I have in my heart for her is beyond any bond that I have shared with anyone. 
Yesterday it hit me how time has just flown by. 
But now I get to look forward to all the great things to come. I get to be friends with Kaley as an adult not just as an auntie. This makes me feel good. 
That I will be important to her like her Mom was and still is to me. 
I love you Kaley Marie V

I found out that my favorite Aunt was having her when 
I was in 8th grade at the Kingston Jr High 
in my 3rd period class. 
 My Parents came and got me and 
away we went to the hospital,
 Holding this little girl I just new how much I would always lover her. 
She was so much younger then the rest of us cousins so we were into our own things but I always tried to go above and beyond to try to protect her. 
We became really close a few years ago.
We were at the ocean and I looked over at her, 
it hit me that she wasn't a little girl anymore.
We laughed and told stories and I was a part of her life.
I feel like now as she gets older we get closer.
 I just love the women she has become. 

When Kaley & Maddy were about 6 we all went camping
at Kalaoch together and they became friends played and enjoyed their summer camping trips. Not seeing each other for a few years they went to Jr High together, then they became friends.
Friday Night when they did their graduation walk
the two best friends "My girls" walked together. 
This Auntie couldn't be more proud. 
I love you girls