Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something about me Sunday....

1. what's something you've eaten and liked, but didn't think you would?
Tofu! I was vegan for a week a few years ago & I love Tofu even now! :) 

2. plastic surgery..yay or nay?
Yay! We will be doing that down the road, a tummy tuck, an eye lift, a boob lift!

3. 2 things you love about spring are.....?
The fact that this year Mother nature is bipolar is crazy! But I love playing in the dirt and getting my garden ready for flowers, fruits and veggies. I love it all!

4. when's the last time you went on a picnic?
It has been a long time, hum something to think about doing with "Hubs"

5. what's your favorite app?
  hummmm my facebook or twitter app :)

6. who does the grocery shopping in your house?
Both of us

7. would you rather take a spin class or zumba?
neither but I guess I should try them both :) 

8. how often do you go out to dinner?
every pay day. 

Now it's your turn!!