Monday, January 10, 2011

I reached a goal! :)

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to say that I am busy enough to have an assistant!  It is so exciting for me to have grown so big  so fast. I have so many great things to reflect on. 
I feel so blessed to have the connections that I have made. All have started as professional but almost all of them have ended up in friendships.  I couldn’t have hand picked them myself. 
The past year I have stayed in places I have only day dreamed about. I have tried things, tested things, been to amazing places to eat. Swam in the cold water of the canal with my best friend.  I have had the chance to be on a weekly radio show and become really great friends with the main host Kevin! 
Now being so busy I have been thinking about a few things that I truly  feel like I need extra hands, so I have a check list 
I need an assistant maybe two (2) I  need a agent for all my pots in the fire! :)  It is a goal and has been a goal from the time I started this venture.  
So that is what I did! One of my goals has been reached! I can cross this one off my list of things to do!  I got an assistant today! A great girl name Sara. She is fun, outgoing and driven. She is dead on and will work hard for me. I know she will have my back and help me problem solve, book hotels and events.  Sara reminds me of who??? Me a few years ago. I just love her!!!!

Happy Monday! ( almost Tuesday!)