Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday is the day before Crazy town.....

It is that time of year! Finally sunshine was out today. Hub's & I went for a drive to Fort Flagler. Neither of us had been there for years. It was so fun to talk about all the fun things we did when we were there. Amazed that we were there at the same time, both of us went in our junior high years with Church.  Never meeting one another even when Hub's best friend and my best friend were dating. How the heck that happens is beyond me. We have talked about all our close encounters at meeting. Our friends were friends, we knew people that knew each other.  It really makes me wish that we would have met back then. That our story would have started earlier. I know things happen for a reason and the road we traveled to get to where we are right now was the journey that we were lead to live, it just would have been nice to have dated my best friend back then. 

The trust I have with Hub's is amazing I only truly trust two other people like this on earth. My parents. To love this much is beyond anything I have ever felt. Even in the times that being married has been hard it's still been the happiest time in my life. I wouldn't change any second of it. Even if it is the good, the bad, the ugly! It still has been a fun ride and we have seen so many things and done so much. We are a good team together.  My family has all felt lucky to have Hub's  become a part of our family. 
He loves my parents as much as I do. He loves both sets of Grandparents as much as I do. Loves my Aunts and Uncles and my 100's of Cousins as much as I do. I guess when my mom say's that I would have never looked twice at him back when we didn't see eachother in the crowed hall's, the hussle and bussle of Summer camps, or in the sanctuary of the church we both use to go to. She is right it wasn't our time. Thank God it is now.

Today we talked about all of that and we are happy the way things turned out because going through what we did to get to each other we are now able to never take each other for granted.  The day ended by us watching the sunset at the other Fort, at Fort Worden.   We are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. This weekend is full of wonderful things to do, a trip up through Whidbey Island, over deception pass, through Skagit Valley to Bellingham to spend some much needed time with Hub's sister and family.  You will often here me say that I am an only child but when I married Chris I was blessed to have Two brother's and a sister in law. My sister in law's are some of my dearest friends.
Have a great Thursday and I hope you survive Friday!