Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bavarian Ritz Review

In wrapping up our cascade loop vacation we decided that Leavenworth was a must for the trip. After leaving Winthrop we traveled through the most beautiful country side. Passing through the quaint little town of twisp,f ollowing alongside the river the entire drive as if the river was guiding us to Leavenworth, through the winding roads. We decided to take a detour through Lake Chelan. Having it been such a long time that I have been in Chelan I felt like somethings have changed and some of the town has remained the same. I have been asked to go and review a few places in Chelan at the end of October and I can hardly wait. It was a great place to rest up before making the final leg of the cascade loop.

Pulling into Leavenworth is always something that makes me smile its such a cute and fun town. Who couldn't love a place that has a Christmas shop open year round? I know I love it! If you haven't stayed in Leavenworth Washington yet, you are missing out. A charming little village town, nestled inside the majestic Cascade mountains and decorated with beautiful Bavarian architecture, hanging flower baskets on every windowsill, and a plethora of little shops and restaurants to keep you entertained.

Finding the Bavarian ritz hotel was so easy, feeling lucky to get to review a hotel in the heart of the main drag of Leavenworth, we were able to park easy in the hotel owned parking lot located right across the street, which is an easy walk from your car to the hotel.


Feeling like you are in a episode of the Tutors the King Henry feel of the room was nice, much bigger then I expected it to be with a king size four poster Bed, a gas fireplace with a flat screen TV & DVD  player along with an I-Pod docking station and CD player, A separate private spa room with a jetted tub away from the main bathroom with another tub shower combo. It really seems like a very large room for the price. They even had some great little extras, like a microwave, refrigerator, toaster and coffeepot.

It could use a make over to update the room, it is a little on the tacky side and just a bit over priced for what you get, but it was a very comfortable stay and the bed was great. It did get a little hot so make sure you open a window. The room we stayed in had a little 1980's feeling to it with the pink carpet and the black jetted tub. There are definitely issues with the floor of the room. There was at least a one inch difference in the levels of the floor. I always felt like I was leaning whenever I walked in there. The floor to the rest of the room had height changes that felt a little unsettling when you were trying to walk at the same time making sure not to trip.  Take in to consideration that this building is over 100 years old and that only adds to the uniqueness of this hotel. It really reminded us of a hotel room you would find in older parts of Europe. 

The hotel staff went above and beyond to make sure that everything was just perfect for us and that our stay was everything we would want it to be. Don't let their website fool you or distract you from the stay you will experience here. The website is a little out dated and could use a make over as well.  I felt safe in the hotel in general and liked the fact if I needed anything the staff was ready and able to help with any of my needs. 

They really try to come up with fun ideas for packages like the Romantic Packages, A Romantic Dinner for two, a $50.00 value, in one of the romantic fine dining restaurants in town. One dozen roses or flowers of your choosing will be waiting for you in the room upon your arrival. Along with a bottle of champagne, or wine, or you can get a Non Alcoholic Sparkling Cider, Whatever your choice is, they will be in your room upon your arrival ready for you to enjoy.

Leavenworth has so many fun events to be part of and staying at the Bavarian Ritz makes it the perfect place to be where you are right in the heart of everything that is going on in town. Two of the big events are coming up are the Autumn Leaf Festival going on September 24 and 25. Then the other is Oktoberfest, the three weekend event starts on October 1st & 2nd October 8th and 9th and the last weekend is October 17 and 18.

When you step out of the hotel you are in the heart of downtown with the wonderful shops and the best restaurants within just steps from the hotel. A great place to eat is located downstairs is the The Duck and Drakes  where from the beautiful patio deck on the back of the hotel you have your own entrance to this one of a kind Pub like restaurant with a eclectic pub grub menu with reasonable prices, quality food and generous portions, it is hard to go other places then this while you are staying just step's away in the Ritz. 

Another great place to get a This little stand at the end of the main street had a variety of sausages and beers as well has soft drinks and lots of yummy beer. We each ordered something different to try each others. I loved the pretzels the condiments included about 10 different mustards, chopped onions, fresh Apple Cider Saurkrauit, sweet pickle relish and dill pickler relish with onions both were excellent & the service was cheerful and friendly and the place had some great atmosphere and a very clean bath room and did I mention that they have the water spritzers for you to stand under to cool off in from the heat.

We were doing the girls weekend so some girls shopping was just what we needed to do and we enjoyed Mapel   What is Mapel you ask? Mapel is located across from Gustav's in the Haus Wunderbar building adjacent to d'Vinery Tasting Room & Haus Dog coffee shop. This is what they say about their store. "Whether trying on a pair of jeans, picking out the perfect summer dress or finding a new fall jacket you will soon understand why Mapel insists that "fashion is sweet". Buyer beware, you will be encouraged to savor a locally crafted signature "Mapel" truffle from Schocolat."

Another fun clothing store is called Fashion for 12 a place for casual clothing fun Souvenir T-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women and children. Nothing in the shop is priced over $12.99.

Magenta, Leavenworth's newest fashion boutique specializing in the latest goodies for the fashionesta at heart. There's everything you need to frost yourself plus home decor and more. I fell in love with the fun unique gifts and things you couldn't find any where else.  This is my new go to shop when I need that something special.

One thing is for sure no matter what you do in Leavenworth you are going to have an amazing time. You will experience something different with the four seasons you might not get in Western Washington. I know that I will go back and stay in Leavenworth during the tree lighting in December. Maybe the next time "Hub's" will join me.