Thursday, September 16, 2010

Advice for a person who want to travel.

I love to travel. I always have, I always will.  I think its in my soul, my blood or whatever else could have been the cause. Being a travel writer and review hotels and Inn's, B&B's is an amazing dream job that has now become a reality to me and my world.  I am going to pass on tips for traveling in my blog. Giveaways for travel related things. Between this and the great things going on in my neck of the woods in and around the great places that I have in my back yard of Kitsap County. 

Here are some tips I hope you find to be something that you enjoy maybe laugh a bit and maybe then book a great month away in a small little town to really learn the in's and out's of a different part of the world. 

Best advice: For over seas travel. 
  1. Say Hello, to all other travelers. You never know when you need help.
  2. Theft. Out of site, out of mind. Do not show people what you have. People steal what they can see. EXAMPLE: Walking around with a camera. Put it in a backpack.
  3. Always take a taxi, or bus, etc from bus station to hotel.
  4. Store you passport, travel check information in you e-mail box. 
  5. Carry a Padlock, Place it on a door. Put eyelet screw on door if possible or when needed, use your own lock.
  6. Do not look rich, dress, jewelry, tourist clothes, expensive backpack.
  7. Take long pants on all bus rides. 
  8. Take lots of pictures.
Hotels: Best 10 Questions
  1. Let me look at the mattress please.
  2. Do you have free water?
  3. Do you have free breakfast?
  4. Do you have hot water showers
  5. Do you heat with Electricity? Solar? Gas?
  6. Is the hot water 24 hours a day?
  7. Do you have the hasp, so I can put on my own lock?
  8. Are the showers free?
  9. Can I bring friend into the hotel, or my room?
  10. Do you have cable TV? HBO, Cinecanal?
  11. Do you have a book exchange?
Save money:
  1. Do not drink beverages, other than water. $3
  2. Electric Hot Plate to cook,  $2 Day
  3. Guidebook for rooms. $2 Day
  4. Water purification drops. $1 Day
  5. Take overnight bus. $1 Day
  6. Rent rooms in hotels with free water. $1 Day
  7. Travel, or share a room with a friend $1 Day
  8. Wash you own clothes .50
  9.  Eat only 1 sit down meal a day and eat in market for the others.
  10. Stay for one month in each location and negotiate a price of room for 1/2 normal price.
  1. Teach English
  2. Waiter or Waitress
  3. Pick Fruit
  4. Cook food at hostel for a month
  5. Reception of desk.
  6. Massage Therapist
  7. Dive master
  8. Tour guide, or selling tours
  9. Graphic on computer. Trade for room
  10. Travel Agency.