Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcomed back to the Inn at the four winds!

I was asked to come back to the beautiful  Inn at the Four Winds, "Hub's" and I were here last fall and now my mama and I were back!  The Inn is located just a short walk of only 9 blocks from downtown Seaside, the Prom escorts you to the center of the action.

Our only agenda was to relax and enjoy the landscape that Seaside has for you to watch.. The sunshine came out  for our trip and the water looked like sparkles that were dancing on the water, for me and my mom the best way to pass the time was on our very own and private balcony, being able to spend time with my mom and enjoying the sea glass colors of the ocean and watching the sun light sparkle and dance on the waves, along with a nice glass of wine and a beautiful sunset,  it was a perfect time for our  girls weekend. You do not even need to leave your room, with a small kitchenette, all your needs can be met right there, with onsite warm cookies, coffee, popcorn and a wonderful movie selection why would you need to leave, plus the front desk helps you find places that are delivered to your hotel room door! 
The gas fireplace was going, movie playing on the TV,  a wonderful bubble bath, mom and I were able to change our nail polish, catch up on girl talk, laugh, cry and do all the fun things that we are able to enjoy for a girls weekend.  I love that we can have a nice and relaxing weekend it was a nice to just de- stress. 

I'm already planning on going back to the Inn for a girlfriends weekend, I can not wait to share this amazing place with all of them. This is a place to come rest and relax to take some time just for you. Remember to make sure that you do not smoke or have pets with you. This is a property that you can't do either of these things and in a way this is a blessing because you don't have to think of anything else besides yourself or the smoke of someone that is staying under you creeping up thru the floor. This way you can really smell the sea air.
This is a perfect place to enjoy some much needed family time as well. Tell them at the Inn at the four winds that Kingstongirl sent you! Also they have different properties for you to check out and rent as well. So you can bring the entire family if you want to!