Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Show your loved one you love them....

A night at the Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle.
Being able to celebrate our Valentine’s Day together on a night under the beautiful clear cool crisp Seattle sky enjoying on of the best dinner & show I have ever been a part of. As a lover of all things in the Art’s this was the perfect way to spend a romantic and fun night with the “hub’s” It will be something we do over and over again to celebrate special occasions. 
The production that we were able to see was called the Radio Free Starlight. It held its ground with the buzz we had heard about what we would be seeing on a night at the ZinZanny! I feel when we were able to watch Teatro ZinZanni. enjoying the 5 course meal and 3 1/2 hours of fun all the while enjoying the "live" radio broadcast in Radio Free Starlight. The show will be playing at Teatro ZinZanni from now until May 8, 2011. So even if you can’t make it for your sweetheart you have a little time to take that love of yours to see this show. 

We were one of the first couples there, being able to enjoy looking at all their items that their boutique has to offer. It was an amazing selection and nothing to expensive. There was something for every budget, it was great to buy a few trinkets. I always get a few staples at each event or place that we stay.  

I have been going to Las Vegas for years. My parents started taking me as a small girl, my dad is a gambling man, well when he was in tournaments and we were always spending our time at one of the many Cirque du soleil shows so when I was told about how the ZinZanny shows were a lot like that I knew that I would love this, or I would hate it, well after the show I realized I loved it. 

from the start to finish we had the most amazing time  Celebrated Northwest chef Tom Douglas, designs our dinner menu for Teatro ZinZanni.. Tom DOuglas is the Executive Chef and owner of Dahlia Lounge, Etta’s Seafood, Lola, the Palace Kitchen and, most recently, Serious Pie restaurants here in Seattle, he never let's us down, I have eaten at most of the places he owns here in Seattle. This dinner was no different. The meal was made only by someone as talented as Chef Tom Douglas. 

The menu that we were able to enjoy this evening started out like most dinners with the Appetizer, a delicious plate waiting at our seats a yummy, Smoked Salt Spring Island Mussels, Brie, marinated artichoke hearts, shaved red onion, and cucumber spears. Drizzled with light Balsamic vinegar.  Followed for another wonderful show stopper a wonderful rich and filling Soup a Carmelized Sweet Onion Soup, seasoned with thyme, sage and Italian parsley in a beef-based stock. Festooned with Beecher’s Pike Street Gruyere toasted crouton.
The third plate was a wonderful Salad, I especially liked the beats that we thrown in the salad they were a wonderful balance to this dish. I would love to remember every detail so that I could re create this dish over and over. 
Starting with a Crisp arugula and red butter lettuce, lightly dressed in classic red-wine vinaigrette, sprinkled with Laura Chenel chèvre and toasted green pistachios and topped with roasted red baby beets.

The main course that "Hub's" and I both decided to have was the mouth watering Prime Beef Tenderloin Northwest prime cut beef from the Double R Ranch in Okanagan, slowly roasted to medium rare perfection and dressed with a savory merlot demi sauce, served over olive-oil and herb oven-roasted celeriac and seasonal vegetables. the beats were amazing. The other two maindishes that were offered were Steelhead fish or a Mushroom Strata, that smelled and looked really well. Ending on a high note with the food was the wonderful 
dessert a High Frequency Molten Chocolate Cake With a dollop of crème Anglaise, if we could have given the dessert a standing ovation we would have! 

The wonderful cast was as follows.... 

Duffy Bishop retakes center ring as Madame ZinZanni, owner of the tent and singing star for Radio KTZ. along with her co-star comedian Joe De Paul broadcast nightly into the stars and maybe even to Mar’s! You will feel like as you are watching this with as much fun you are having you are truly out of this world!  
The amazing cast that entertained us. ( Thank you to the ZinZanny office for letting me use their photos & their staff bio’s ) 
Bernard Hazens
CastBernard has been thrilling and amazing crowds for the past four years with his one of a kind act, a dynamically choreographed combination of acrobatics, juggling, and Rola Bola.  Bernard made his first Teatro ZinZanni appearance in 2005. Since This past winter Bernard returned to Germany for Roncalli’s Panem et Circenses in Essen. He has also appeared on television numerous times. When he was juggling, on top of a table, with round moving objects on top of one on top of another adding another with each passing act. I couldn't even watch him up there, I had to peak from in between my fingers! He was a great part of this night! 

CastDanielle Rueda-Watts launched her career as an aerial acrobat, Danielle can be seen on silk in the "razzle dazzle" scene in the hit movie musical Chicago, as well as being the featured aerialist in the documentary of Michael Jackson's final tour, This is it. Danielle has been in two different Cirque du Soleil productions; the cabaret style Zumanity and the Beatles show Love. When watching her make her way from the ground to the rafters no matter what was going on around her or in other parts of the show, if she was on stage my eyes wouldn't leave her. She was completely captivating. 

Duffy Bishop
CastRecently the subject of a documentary ("Who Is Duffy Bishop, and Why Isn't She World Famous"), produced by Seattle's Bryan Johnston, and back from a whirlwind summer tour with her band, blues singer Duffy Bishop is delighted to once again entertain under the magical Teatro ZinZanni tent. Duffy is a hall of fame member in both the Washington Blues Society and the Oregon Cascade Blues Association. In October 2010, Duffy was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Cascade Blues Association. Duffy has been with Teatro ZinZanni since 1999. Her voice gave me chills and I would love to have a show to go to where I could just listen to her and her band. The pipes on this lady were out of this world. If you haven't heard her sing you are sadly missing out. I loved her and she was so friendly coming up to us and shaking our hand and thanking us for coming to the show. 
Joe De Paul
CastCanadian actor, writer, teacher, director and clown Joe De Paul has always had a gargantuan appetite for performing. A veteran of numerous Cirque du Soleil productions, including his debut as a clown in the North American tour of Dralion, Joe’s unique physical comedy has brought him critical acclaim in various circus’s and cabarets. The National Theatre School of Canada. He has written comedy and directed for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. He is the first thing you see when you see the start of the show, his take on Gonzilla had me laughing so hard that at one moment I thought that I was going to pee my pants in public for the first time sense I was in preschool. There is something special about him and he has the kindest eyes I trusted him until he called me out on stage! ( more to this in a minute) 

Juliana Rambaldi
CastHailed as a “bright-voiced beacon” by the New Yorker and lauded as “Radiant!” by The New York Times, soprano Juliana Rambaldi has earned international critical acclaim for her many roles with leading opera companies across the United States and abroad. Being that she lives in Seattle with her family, this made me want to support her no matter what, I mean this is out girl! Well little did I know what a breath taking voice and a smile that fills the room, her talent bubbles over and the way she grabs hold the crowd had me in awe, as she was interacting with a nice man that played along maybe a little too well when he decided to grab her ass! I knew she was trying to play nice back but he was led back to his seat in a hurry. :) 
Mrs. and Mr. Maier
CastForever getting caught up in unpleasant and highly embarrassing situations, Mr. and Mrs. Maier solve their dilemmas through sheer force of will and grim determination and their naïve and gentle nature always wins the day. Sabine Maier and Yogi Mohr, the creators of these delightfully comic characters, have lived and worked together since 1988. After studying circus-skills and performing arts in Brussels, Paris and Bristol, they have put their stamp on many of the most innovative circus and theatre productions as comedians and with their hilarious trapeze act. Based in Berlin they have toured the world together for over 20 years -- and always with their three children! A part of the "ZinZanni family" from nearly the very beginning, they have appeared in 8 different productions in Seattle and San Francisco under the Teatro ZinZanni tent. The best part of their act to me was when she sat in the middle of the room as he sang "I just want your extra time and k.....iiiiiiisssssss," By prince. As he juggled and danced for his lady. They were a delight and with out any speaking parts his little Mrs, was side splittingly funny! I didn't know how she could keep a straight face and be so funny all at the same time! Loved them!
Mat Plendl
CastTeatro ZinZanni welcomes the return of multi-media performance artist Mat Plendl, who brings his own form of magic to the tent in the form of a hula-hoop! Combining elements of mime, dance, physical comedy and virtuoso theremin playing, he’s created a theatrical showcase that’s won acclaim worldwide. Mat became the U.S. National Hula Hoop Champion at age 13 on the Dinah Shore Show, and made his professional debut at 24 on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Soon he became known as “The World’s Greatest Hula Hoop Artist”, and went on to appear throughout the Americas, Europe and Japan. His TV credits include Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, Donny and Marie, Jerry Lewis MDA telethon, Merv Griffin, and many more. He was the serious face and MC of the night, His singing number was great and he kept me engaged in the production all night. He was a delight to listen to. 
CastManuela Horn, also known as the Austrian Amazon, is a yodeling, dancing, acting comedic force of nature. After small roles in independent movies and her own children’s TV show, she turned her 6’ 2” height into an asset as a comedic host for corporate events, and galas across the globe. With her cache of characters, with an appearance in the movie “Rent,” while continuing to wow audiences in the spiegeltents of Europe with the dinner cirque company Palazzo. The TV show “America’s Got Talent” found Manuela in 2009 and inspired her to expand her repertoire. Manuela is currently recording three albums, an Oktoberfest party album, an Alpen Rock comedy album, and a tribute album to the classic yodels of her childhood.  I hadn't heard a person yodel that good in years. My Grandma use to yodel and it made me miss her, but she was so funny to watch and being as tall as she was and then she added the extra hight with high heals, made me wish for longer legs even if it would just be a inch or two!  I loved the whip part of the act that she did. Picking the littlest guy in the crowed next to him he looked even smaller then he truly was. She was a delight to watch and I look forward to watching her in other productions that she is part of.  
Our beautiful night was full of laughs and most of those laughs were at my expense. As I said in the post a little earlier, Our new and dear friend,      Joe De Paul made eye contact with us from the very start, came around our table that was at the font and center of the dinning room, at a small table  for just the two of us. I tried not making eye contact with any of the actors  hoping that this would make them think nope let's not pick this one. So when we were picked in the first 20 minutes for Joe De Paul to sit next to me and move chris out, we thought it as funny but didn't think we would be asked again. I was wrong!!! Half way through the night My new bff Joe De Paul grabbed my hand and asked me to come on stage and scream! Not thinking that I was going to do a whole entire act with them because of my scream! 
So that isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that the guy he pulled up there with me looked and smelled as if he just spent a year looking for Edward Cullen in the deep forest of the Olympic National Park. Yuk!  Also my name is now Dr. Brown Cow, ( Because before I knew what I was thinking I was asked what my favorite Ice cream was.) All in all I had a wonderful time and was pretty proud of myself when I went to the ladies room, and a few ladies told me I did great! That I made them laugh as much as the cast did. 

I loved my night out and can't wait to go back they have other events all of the time other then the dinner theater, they have latin dance nights, Zirkus Fantazmo that is a great show for children age 5-105! Mezzo Lunatico which is an adult review that is from 11:00pm to 1:00 Am in the morning, # Mezzo Lunatico is a 21 and older event and may contain adult themes and nudity. Tickets are $25 with a two-drink minimum. Doors open at 11:00 p.m. and the show runs from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. I know this is the one show Chris and I will go to on one of our trips to Seattle. 

No matter what age your are or what walk of life you are from this is a place that you can see a show and fall in love with the Arts! :)