Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends.

The Friendship that I have with Stephanie is one that started the way any other friendship would start. It was a day that "Hub's" said it was okay to go to a yard sale because it was only a few streets down from where we lived at the time. So we went over introduced ourselves and in an instant we were talking and exchanging numbers to meet up and have dinner together. They had three babies and we were getting close to trying to work on adopting. Here this girl just met me and we tell her we were working on starting a family and she gave me tons of baby items that her two year old twins no longer needed. 
This right here tell's you what an amazing person Steph really is. 

   Over the next few months we became even closer and got to really know one another.
Knowing that our friendship was a once in a life time find.  We are there for each other when we need someone to listen, to laugh with and to give a shoulder when we need to cry. 
My Hub's and her Hub's S went on the Husband play date and pasted with flying colors.
They have become the best of friends as well. 
Yeah for Husband Play dates!!!
 Over the years our families have become family. 
Celebrating daily events, special moments in each others lives.
Even become Auntie and Uncle to their three children.
Making the fact that "Hub's" and I feel a lot better not having 
a baby of our own. ( Yet )

I love the fact that this friendship is one I will have for the rest of my life.
She is my rock and is there whenever I need her. ( I need her alot)
When we needed a place to live they let us stay for free in their back cottage.
 Until we were able to get back on our feet.

 I will never be able to pay back the wonderful things they have done for us. 
One thing is for certain we are the lucky ones to have her and S in our lives. 
I  am not the only one that know's that being Steph's friend is a gift.
  She has ton's of friends.  
Each and every one of us know 
    how lucky We really are!