Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What or who is Kingstongirl???

What a fun weekend, this past one was. We did some really fun things. I went to review Tetro ZinZanny, It was so fun. I think it would be great to go again with a big group. Stay tuned this week for my full review it is going to be a fun read! 
Saturday I was in my first big wedding and event show! Learning a lot of  wonderful things, about what my faults are and my strengths. What I need to work on and what I need to try and change.  I loved meeting so many great people, so many wonderful contacts. I look forward to all these amazing new thing that are about to happen in my life. You know when you are standing right before something amazing and you know through the bottom of your soul that things are about to change? Well that is what I’m feeling like.  My entire life is about to change I can feel it. 
Over Saturday I was asked by some of the new people that didn’t know what Kingstongirl was?! Who I was?? What I was selling?? What have you been living under a rock? You have to know what and who Kingstongirl is?! Right?? So I thought in this post I would tell you what I do and what Kingstongirl is all about.  To get some people to even stop and talk to me I had to yell out at them "I'm not trying to sell anything!"
It started almost a year ago when I was trying to get my writing to a new level, instead of it just being a hobby for me. So I looked around thinking what I have to write about that would make a small difference. Then my mom who was new to facebook wrote on the local newspaper facebook page, telling  them that they need to have me spice up the boring paper that people just gaze over. Two weeks later I wrote my first monthly article about women in business in our local community. 
Then I decided that I was going to write about what I love, traveling! I love anything that has to do with travel and decided that this and doing reviews on fun and new things going on in and around the local area or the areas that I traveled too. 
So I guess here is a quick run down of what I do. 
1) I'm a freelance writer first off! Working on a series of travel books. :) This is my baby and I am so excited to go on a book tour.  Hoping that the path will lead me to becoming bff's with Tori Spelling. 

2) I pick places to get groups of people together. I believe that if you take money that you would spend in a big over paid place like wallmart and go and spend it over a few locally owned places each month. It will truly make a big difference in the big picture of things, maybe it isn't feeling that way now but in time it will. 

3) I'm a planner, with OCD and this makes my crazy little mind focus on something else besides endless amounts of worry and stress.  Making it a fun way to get groups of women to meet for a girls night out, do a movie night at my favorite theater in my area, wine tastings, and so on.... I want people to get out and do something fun. I know that people are reserved on what they spend their money on but you have to get out there sometimes and do something fun!  I try to keep the cost down for all of my events. 

4) I network, network, network. I want to meet & work with new people all the time, trying to always grow as a person and as a brand.  I want to be the go to girl. "where you need to go when you need to know."   

5) Being a travel review writer my entire goal is to be the West coast "Samantha Brown" I want people to know of great places to travel but not only that I want them to have an entire experience when they do. I like to talk about where and what to go see and do on their weekend in Porland or their over night in Seattle  to not only be about the hotel but a nice dinner, a new place to see and check out a production at the fifth Ave! It doesn't matter as long as I give you a run down of what you should try. 

6)Word of mouth is the best or worst thing that can happen to a business or a a person, so the word of mouth that people talk about me I want to make sure is wonderful, fun & only positive! 
I try to make sure that I give fair and truthful review.  

7) In the past year In my communities I have seen more places close then I ever thought that I would, hearing that more are in danger all of the time to close, so doing reviews are just a little way for me to give back to the places I love. I have a big mouth and I like to be able to use in to talk the places I like up!

8) I'm also on a weekly radio show called Outlaw radio and have to say that K-dawg is one of my favorite people and I love that this has brought me to many friendships but this one I have with Kevin has to be one of my favorite! :) 

There are more things that I do but this is just a taste of who I am. Oh and another question I get asked is Why did I name myself Kingstongirl??? 

This is why, in the time when Kingston, Washington was just starting to be homesteaded, our family(my Dad's side) moved there, settling in at the time in a place that was then known as Apple Tree Cove. 5 Generations later and our family's history still runs deep here. My pride of being who I am & where I came from made me decide that I needed to give my history and my town a nod of  thanks and love! I am proud of being a Kingstongirl! This is what made me use this name! :) 

Stay tuned for another amazing year of great adventure with Kingstongirl :)