Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!!!!

Well it is the first day of Spring!! What are some of the fun things that you do to celebrate spring? Living in a suburb an hour ferry ride from Seattle I love the beginning and end of every season. I love the change that I feel with the different types of weather that we get, I at times wish it would stop raining but when it hasn't done it in a few weeks I miss it.  At this moment in time I am done with the cold & rain & I'm ready for sunshine, fresh cut grass, the starts of all the new flowers. Longer days and sunlight. baseball games & new openings of the farmers market's.
 When the sunshine came into my bedroom windows, it was like a spring fever had been struck in me so I got up and dressed headed to the garage and began getting the things I need to garden and get the outside in shape.  So I grabbed my "green" mower and mowed my front yard then because it was the first day of spring I decided that I would mow my neighbors front yard as well!  So after that I hit the back yard  and mowed our yard. A few weeks ago "Hub's" and I made the start to our patio, we only have about 12 more bricks to complete the entire project.  So I weeded and racked up the old leaves, and got the outside lights hung up and the Flamingo light & the patio table and chairs ready for the dinner parties and BBQ's that we are pre-paring for entertaining, we also put the firepit and chairs out. 
 Weeding and laying down the new dirt & bark we are able to then start the planting of flowers, and make our yard and home sparkle.  I'm beyond ready for the spring, this winter has lasted far longer then it should have, the ice and snow and power outages. Trying to hold back on taking the winter clothes packing them up and putting them away and pulling out the summer & spring clothes and flip flops.

I have many goals for the next few months and I know that I have busy over the past few weeks. Some of these goals are over the next few months I have many hotel reviews to do, having a few in Seattle, Port Townsend, Lake Chelan, Yakima, Portland, then Southern & Northern California. With Kingstongirl getting bigger and better each passing day, it is making me be on my toes,   So I know that Spring is just the start of the busy time of year & the one year blogging anniversary for me as Kingstongirl!!! 

Here is my to do list for the spring! 

1)  Go on walks every afternoon.

2)  Enjoy the farmers markets weekly.

3)  Play in the dirt a few days a week.

4)  Try new recipe's to use on the BBQ 

5)  Go to a M's game at Safeco field.

6)  Celebrate our 9th anniversary for "hub's" and I

7)  Clean our house from top to bottom (deep clean)

8)  Decorate for spring!! ( easter bunnies!)

9)   Have family over for a spring brunch.

10) Go to Port Townsend for a day of collecting sea glass & enjoying their local co-op grocery store!

11) paint the guest room and warm buttery yellow.

12) Clean the windows inside and out.( they really need it!)

13) Go feed the birds with Ayla at battle point park.

14)  Craft as much as I can to get ready to sell things at Farmers Markets & Craft fairs.

15) Enjoy the last spring before being a mommy.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the spring???