Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little lost.......

Things have been a little crazy lately. 
I want to first start by saying how sorry I am that I haven't been writing as much as I should. 
Things have been so busy around here. 
The past few weeks have gone by again so fast. 
We are faced with loosing one of our best friends. 
Our 10 year old Shitzu puppy.
Sophie aka Margret Goodrich

We got Sophie on our 1st V-day. 
We wanted to find a pet that we would have 
be in every sense of the word
"Our baby Girl" 
We looked for her and she was brought to us, 
we rescued her from a lady that couldn't stand her. 
( that was in the ad) 
So we had her and she had our hearts from day one.

In our life we have been able to do so much with Sophie...
Her favorite thing to do is go on car rides, 
especially when they end up 
at the beach. 
With Sophie we have gone on.....
Camping trips, 
Down the Oregon Coast..
To Colorado & Back.
To the Drive-in

When I have been sick she has sat with me, 
making me feel so much better, Every time. 
Taking long naps with me.
All our Friends and Family have fallen in love 
with her like we did. 

She has a Degenerative Disc Disease, 
she has been sick off and on the entire time we have had
In the past she has been hurting so bad that when we 
take her to the vet, they give her some med's and shots.
This time it is the worst I have ever seen her. 
We take her to the vet. 
They are going to guide us in the choice to 
give her relief or put her to sleep.
Either thing is completely heartbreaking........

She is my baby, She is my heart, 
My heart and my life will never be the same 
without her.
Once a fur baby grabs your heart they 
own it forever. 
I love you Sophie.