Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop two on our week long trip.....

We left Astoria and headed for our second stop on the coast Seaside.We walked around and found many great stores and places to check out and tons of things to dIf you didn't know Seaside is a great family destination.  Thing's that set Seaside apart from other beach communities along the Oregon coast is that Seaside is a  everything is within walking distance and very easy to explore.
Oregon's first seashore resort was Seaside remaining a popular vacation destination, a place to take the time to slow down, relax. It is a place that you almost feel like you have gone back in time, even for a brief minute. The best place to bring your children and take them to the beach so they can build sand castles.
When looking out into the ocean, it is magical and it creates an abundance of activities. With  Amusements, arcades and shopping this town will entertain everyone that comes to Seaside. 
"Hub's" and I truly enjoyed our sunset beach walks with the dogs, the ocean views, the pleasure to enjoy the intimate dining that seaside has to offer. Seaside is much more then than just a day at the beach. It is an endless opportunity for countless memories to be made and I am so happy that "Hub's" and I were able to make many new memories. 
The history of Seaside starts when it was founded in 1937, Seaside is home to the oldest aquarium on the West Coast. 
 So this is stop #1 the Seaside Aquarium, Founded in 1937, it is privately owned by descendants of some of the founders that are still active in the aquarium and how it operates to this day. Hosting an amazing touch tank, a family of seals that they have had sense 1983! Along with an amazing under water viewing area making this a must for your Oregon Coast and your stop in seaside.
Stop # 2 : Another fun thing to take note in the landscape of Seaside is the very visible is the Tillamook Head, which Tillamook Rock Lighthouse sits on top of the rock and enjoys guiding ships to safety while approaching the Columbia River past the dangerous jutting headland, being note worthy it is one of the Pacific coast’s most interesting lighthouses. Sitting atop an outcropping of rock surrounded by ocean on all sides, the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse was completed in 1881.

Stop #3 is  Fort Steven's. When we were there it was pouring rain it was still so much fun. We even decided to take the time in the rain to walk around and explore. Explore it we did.  Fort Steven's is Located in Warrenton, about 30 minutes North of Seaside, the fort is part of a large park with lots of beaches, hiking trails, lakes, paved bike paths, old army bunkers, and even the remains of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck!( Check below for Stop #4!) Another great place to visit is the the South Jetty in Fort Stevens State Park. Built in the late 1800s, the jetty extends about 2.5 miles into the waters where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. From the observation deck, you can enjoy a spectacular view of waves pounding against the rocks of the jetty. This area is also a favorite location for birdwatching and the  Coffenbury Lake is also a great location for fishing, wildlife viewing, or you can do what we did and walk the 2 mile trail around the lake. Fort Stevens is an excellent place for the whole family to spend the day a weekend or a week long camping trip, with many camping spaces & yurts to rent this is the place to camp!  The KOA there is amazing as well. Located right across the street from the 1st entrance to the park. Both are wonderful to spend some fun with your loved ones in.
 Stop #4  When we reached the end of the drive out to The Peter Iredale Shipwreck, you can still see the few parts left of the original ship, that started as a  287 feet long ship that ran aground about 100 years ago during a horrible storm. Thankfully we were able to make our visit there during low tide that makes the shipwreck is easily accessible to park visitors. Just looking at what is left of the ship you can see how amazing it was in its prime. We didn't walk down to it but we got a few shots and to gaze at it through the rainy, windy, weather passing through my window wipers.

Stop #5 shopping on the Prom, this was my first time to Seaside and I have to say I was pleasently surprised when we drove downtown and seeing so many great things to do and so many great things to see. I was delighted in dozens of unique boutiques, specialty shops, art galleries and antique stores. My favorite shop to go to and spend lots and lots of money at is the Beach Puppy Where you can get all your "fur babies" all the things you need to spoil them. We also got our portraits done by oregon coast portraits and it was a great thing to do and a way to always remember our time together. Also we enjoyed the seaside carousel mall.
After a day of shopping we enjoyed the 1.5-mile long ocean front Promenade is perfect for strollers, joggers and bike riders. The “Prom” The wide and sandy beach is available for all kinds of activities, from low rider beach bikes, beach volleyball, and watching the sand castle building, kite flying. You will enjoy such amusements as the carousel, arcades, miniature golf, bumper cars and boats, tilt-a-whirl, paddle boats and canoes.  Seaside is more than just a day at the beach! It's a place to make wonderful memories. 
So these were the top 5 things that you need to do on your trip to Seaside. 
Next stop on the Oregon Coast trail is Cannon Beach......