Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tell you something Tuesday..........

Well yesterday the spring around here is still in full swing, yes we have had rain but it was hit or miss and while that sun was out I decided that I would get out and clean some of my garden beds, I planted some flowers. This was what it looked like to start off.
Spring fever is hitting me hard and I have so much I want to do and so much I have planned. We have a breeze way between our house and our neighbors home, on this side of our yard, I have plans for a few kids toys and a picnic table. A great place that the little one I nanny & my niece and nephews when they come visit can play in the shade from the shadow of the two houses. 

I look forward to going to a few of the farmers markets in the next month that I can grow flowers & veggies. We had a wonderful garden last summer and the joy that we had when we were able to eat and share the wonderful veggies & fruits. This is something I'm going to try with container gardens so a trip to the library is in the near future plans. Being able to travel I see so many fun and wonderful things to landscape and try. 
 I'm in love with Lady bugs & they make the pops of red in the gloomy Seattle weather that we get to have off & on till summer.  We are going to do some entertaining and the yard is the perfect place to enjoy the long wonderful days of the summer near the sound. We can watch the city lights dance upon the water, the sail boats, ferry boats going from Kingston to Seattle to the fuel dock., & the tugs going in and out of the ports, once in a while we can watch the Eagles soar all from our deck on the front of our house. 
We have moved around a great deal, over the years that we have been married. I have only a few houses that I was in love with, of course the 1st one we made a home in together in Kingston, we both worked right down the street so it was great to walk to and from our home to work..  We then had another house in Hansville on Point No Point Road, we had so many wonderful ideas, but didn't have enough money to pull it off, the house was amazing and watching the ships pass by was always a delight & at night we would leave the sliding glass door open so we could read and listen to the waves.  After that we had a home again in Kingston & we loved this place in fact it was on property that when my family homesteaded here in Kingston they owned, buying a piece of that back was wonderful, for the past few years after we sold our home we have floated around and trying to find another home that I was in love with as much as those three houses were a hard thing to do, finally we found our home that we are in now & I'm in love again. We will be here for years to come if we have anything to say about it. 
I look forward to making this even more of our home. I can't wait to do things to this place that makes it feel like home even more. So we are working on the outside when its not raining and we are doing things to the inside when it is.  So on Tuesdays I will post about things to that we are doing around the house, what you are doing around your house and ideas on what we all are doing for the Spring Cleaning! :)