Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes when it rains it pours.......

here we are! am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think how lucky I am to be married to my best friend. He is the one that helps make even the greyist of days have a spot of sunlight.......Especially weeks like this. :

This past week has blown by, when I say blown by I mean that it has been one blow after another. You know those kinds of weeks when nothing seems to go the way in which you would like it to go.

We had wild weather our power was out and stayed out, for three days.  Ice and snow kept us home, "Hub's" was able to use my car On his way home with all the fixings for Thanksgiving. In the middle of the intersection the car died.! Leaving it un able to drive.  With the ice and snow he had to leave it on the side of the road.  The Snow melted and we were able to get it towed three days later.

The big Pile of steaming poop! I( have younger family members that read this blog so I will be PG-13. :)  We have a land Rover, Range Rover. It has been in the shop as much as it has been driven. We owe on it still and we have so many bills because of it breaking down...

Now with the busy time of the holidays down one car, Ugh! I am so so mad. I hate that when it rains it pours. On a good note, I am trying fun new fonts for the blog and the post's I am so tired of the regular posts fonts.  

I am very excited for some wonderful thing that are coming my way over the next few weeks. We are so busy! But I love busy! I am looking forward to some family time. Some winter festivities in Seattle, staying in some wonderful hotels! Going on long card rides with my mom and yet some how we always seem to end up right in the heart of Port Townsend. A perfect place to go back in time. 

What my friends are you looking forward to most this new month will bring?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relax & Surf Sunday!

This blog hop is the fun one I look forward to doing all week. I love making new blogging friends and I love to get new friends to follow, my main objective is to grab friends to follow me to help me in my long term goal of selling my ad space on my blog and help me with my reviewing of hotel, inn's and B&B's,

Welcome to Relax & Surf Sunday, with your hostesses The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! and Shibley Smiles! This is a great blog hop for everyone to make new friends! You can find some new blogs to check out, and also get your blog out there and gain some new followers.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rainbow Girls.

For those of you that might not know what Rainbow Girls are it is a nonprofit organization that strives to give girls the tools, training, and encouragement to let their individual spirits shine bright. By providing members with a safe, fun, caring environment where responsible, older girls can interact and mentor younger girls through family involvement. In a time when most young ladies don't give back to the communities that they are part of this is bringing back values. By participating in fun events and activities, keeping up with new friends, and traveling to different cities and states, giving these young women the experience and excitement of what a productive life has to offer. 

Teaching these young ladies to be involved in their community & volunteering for different charities, and working to improve their public speaking, mastering the lessons of Rainbow, members tackle alot of challenging hurdles but ultimately walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.   No matter what their life long goals are, be it a stay at home mom, a doctor, teacher, writer, anything that they set their minds to Rainbow Girls learn that they can accomplish anything and that they can make a difference. 

These are some of the Charities that Rainbow Girls work with
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Camp BraveHearts
Habitat for Humanity
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation
Comforter Program
Alzheimer’s Association
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center
Operation Christmas Child
Relay for Life
Gales Creek Camp For Kids With Diabetes
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Burned Children Recovery Foundation
American Cancer Society®
American Heart Association®
Freedom In Motion

 Our local Rainbow Girl, Christie is looking for how to raise money for some of these great Charities, she along with her Mother Heather, Auntie Hayley, & Grandma Linda come from a long line of strong wonderful women.  Helping Christie raise funds,  her Grandma Linda, help teach and make Apple butter and yummy jelly's. If you want some great tasting treats all the while helping with a great cause feel free to use the information below, or if you would just like to make a donation towards Christie's chosen charity contact her through the below email.

For sale, for a great cause, The Rainbowgirl's are fundraising!
They have mint, apple, grape and apple butter. They are $5 a jar.  They will actually  be selling them at the December 11th holiday bazaar at Suquamish Elementry from 10-4.
If anyone that would like to buy them in advance,
They can contact them at heatherlytle2001@aol.com.
                  Please make sure you let them know that Kingstongirl sent you!

It is time to sit back and enjoy the small businesses in your town.

With the dust settled from Black Friday!!! I know it is ton's of fun and the bargain shoppers really try to get the best deal for that must have toy, Today is the day that you can go and give back to that small business in your community!

The concept to the Small Business Saturday was designed to encourage shoppers across the U.S. to support local merchants in their holiday shopping as a means of driving up local economies.
Over a dozen advocacies along with public and private organizations have joined American Express, the event's primary sponsor, to declare today Small Business Saturday and raise awareness about the importance of small business to local communities.

The event is not meant to discourage people from shopping at larger chains or online. Rather, its advocates hope to encourage consumers to dedicate a percentage of their holiday shopping budget to local businesses, this means that it can be  by having dinner at a local restaurant or buying gifts at neighborhood stores to support the cause, American Express is offering its cardholders the opportunity to earn a $25 statement credit on purchases of at least $25 on Small Business Saturday at locally owned independent small businesses.
They wanted to be the catalyst for a movement for small businesses, We all know how important small business is to our economy. Small businesses generated 60-80% of the net new jobs over the last decade. What a great way to raise awareness and get people involved. We're all in this together we can make a difference. When you buy local and small business, you're creating jobs,
Research conducted by the 3/50 project suggests that for every $100 spent in locally-owned, independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures – far greater than national chains.This holiday of sorts also presents a great excuse to get out into your community to discover those one of kind hidden business treasures where you may very likely meet the owner face to face. As you may be aware of my passion for the small, local business. This is a movement that I have no problem getting behind completely and hope you will too.

I know that this is the concept that I am using. I chose to skip black friday this year and opt to go and spend the evenings that the local towns are hosting some girls nights out or extended hours for shopping.  
Small Business Saturday Enjoy this link it is amazing! Go to Facebook and Like it! 

I am excited to go and shop in Down Town Poulsbo on December 1st. I am looking forward to shopping in the Kitchen shop, buy some great chocolates at Bohems, Have a bite to eat at the Loft or That's a some a Italian.  Going to buy a few of my girls that are on my list  the new City of Bones series at the Poulsbo Liberty Bay Books.  Also going to get my craft on at the Quilt shop & Rubber soul, maybe even paint a cup or two at the Dancing Brush. All the while with a hot white chocolate mocha from Hot Shot's java! 

Port Gamble is going to be all a hussle and bussle, December 3rd, most if not all store are going to extend their hours from 4:30 to 6:30 then follow me back to the Opening night of the Christmas Carol, for the first night sense the late 1950's when the theater closed. The historic theater with the set's from the 1950's will leave you feeling like you haven't seen the production of the Christmas story like you should have all these years when you see it in this magical of a setting. 

Going to Kingston to shop on December 4th is going to be a blast, join me if you are in the area for you to join us, we will be out shopping around Kingston from 4:30-6:30 then join us at the Filling station from 6:30 to whenever you want. During the shopping night I am going to go shop at  Lucky star, Pine Cone Gifts, Clever, The Country pet shope for the fur babies, The Firehouse Theater for some movie tickets for stocking stuffers, Nancy's green garden for some beautiful flower's to order to put on the table and get some flowers for my Nana, also at Nancy's green Garden,  I eyed some mother daughter aprons that I would love to get for a few of my friends and their little girls. Checking off all the kids on my list with a stop at Lil Sprouts! The best toy story on this side of the water! Then Stopping by Mr. B's books is where I spent most of my shopping last year getting all the kids books to read at a great price.  Strolling into Henry's Hardware, there is always something for everyone on your list there. I love the very back room in the store with hand picked items you can find some special things! Moxie Salon to go and grab a tanning package to make sure I can get some people on my list Jersey Shored up!  I would love to see you all join us for ladies shopping night! 

These are just a few great places to join in on the Small Business Saturday in our area. All of us need to try to give back to our local peeps! They keep our community's going.  I am looking forward to doing what I can to help the small town shopping. Now this doesn't mean that I wont go to my favorite store to shop at Target, or a fun stroll to TJ Maxx,  Macy's or Kohl's are all great places to shop but I will do what I can to help spread it out where I can. I hope you will as well. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! As I get ready for the wonderful day of Thanks.  It's funny things always happen for a reason and each bend in the road you think is a tragedy is some how turned into a blessing that you would have never seen come true if you hadn't gone that way.  Every rain storm bring sunlight. The miracle of a snow storm that every flake is not like any other.

This year I am thankful for My "Hub's" that he loves me for the person he knows I am flaws and all he still loves me. He is my true best friend and would do whatever, however to make me happy!
I am thankful for my three "fur" babies the addition to our little family this August when we got Minnie. Who everyday brings a smile to my face, I can't love anything more then a Puppy!  Howie and Sophie love her now, scared that they would never except her. We are so lucky to have Minnie, we named her after my Nana.

Friendships. The friends I have are so important and this year I was able to really take a long look at what friends we have and what friends we have when we need someone the most,  I let go of a few friendships and relationships, but that only made it so I could go and really make room for the friendships I needed to make more time for. 

Family.  Family has always been important to me,  On my Dad's side we are so close and for the life of me up until a few years ago I really thought that is what all families are like! That isn't the case, but that makes me feel extra thankful that in my family we are close. My parents, hubs and I are not just family but the best of friends that love to spend time together.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I want to just say I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you that read my blog and love and support me.
You are each a blessing to me. :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010


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The main goal is to have fun and follow the blogs that interest you!
There are a few fun things that Fun Follow Fridays does each week:
1.  Each week 1 winner will be randomly drawn for the #3 Spot, this week it’s One Brownie at a Time.
Happy hopping along!

The Hallmark Inn. Newport.

The drive to Newport was a beautiful drive, so much to see and so much to do. When we found our hotel the Hallmark inn, The hotel itself  was  a bit outdated, nothing you would think seeing the other Hallmark inns. Especially the Hallmark inn at Cannon beach which I have had the pleasure of staying at a few time's. Having that place to compare to this hotel made the Hallmark a little bit of a let down, at first.

The Resort's 158 non-smoking guestrooms and staterooms feature a variety of amenities, that most hotel's now come standard with, Snack-size refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, DVD players available in most rooms, complimentary newspapers are available in the hotel lobby, personal care and bath products, hair dryer, bathrobes in spa rooms, telephone with voice mail, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access and a desk for you to sit and write at.  Our "fur" babies were welcome here and the hotel is very pet friendly without the feeling of getting second class rooms. Especially appreciated was the pet basket with towels, bed sheet, toy and treats. It was that point that they made to make them so welcome that made me know I would stay here again and again.

Georgie's Restaurant has ocean views, friendly waitstaff, good food and is on the premises, We had dinner reservations for 6:00PM and they called our room at 5:45PM and they said that they had room for us now and even asked us what we wanted to drink, it was all ready for us when we made our way to our beautiful table.  I had the chowder and warm bread, a shrimp, crab salad. It was amazing. "Hub's" had a wonderful seafood pasta and even though the price was a bit high for the 70's decor, the food made it all worth it. We can't wait to go back to eat here again.

One thing that we loved was the little window to let in the the sounds of the surf without compromising the security. The fireplace was the perfect compliment to the early morning foggy beach.  You can't beat the view in each room they make sure nothing competes with that. Along with easy trails to the beach and a wonderful pool and hot tub. We found another thing we loved about the Hallmark resort and that is the ideal location that is close enough to walk along the water to the historic nye beach. Amazingly while we were there on this stay we were lucky to witness the whales surfacing and spouting from our hide a bed couch we had decided to make up to watch the waves and as we were watching we were so excited to see the whales dancing about right in front of the hotel.

What this place lacks in sophistication and class it makes up with in charm. This is not a newer facility, but it is nice and, in the right conditions, offers a great stay for a great price. One thing I know for certain is that the staff is above and beyond friendly.

There staff even told me that they are doing alot of upgrades around the hotel and will be making improvements to most of the guestrooms this winter. On your next visit look for new flat panel TVs, fresh duvets on the beds and a new MP3 player. It is like a book that you judge from the cover, unless you dive deep into it you might miss out completely on this wonderful hotel.  We might have had our second thoughts about where we were staying at in the start, but peeling the layers away we found a place that we would stay at again. Recommending to many of our friends!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Proud wife..........

Today "Hub's" was on the inaugural sailing today, between Whidbey Island and Port Townsend. Making the new ferry is called the  MV Chetzemok,  It was named after the late Klallam Chief Chetzemoka, A piece of history was made when the first passenger drove aboard, this was by Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire.

"The Chetzemoka provides an important link between communities on both sides of the inlet," Governor. Gregoire said. "The inaugural sailing is truly a big event, and I'm thrilled to be able to share in the excitement of the occasion."

The new ferry will carry 64 vehicles and 750 passengers It begin its regularly scheduled service between Port Townsend and the Coupeville (Keystone) terminal today linking Whidbey Island to the Olympic Peninsula. For three years there has been a much smaller ferry traveling this route, which was leased from Pierce County, on the Anderson Island. The route that my father began working for after his 37 years as a Captain in the ferry system.  The people that work the run along with the passengers that are more like family and a large part of what makes the ferry system what it is nicknamed the M.V Steilacom Two, BOB. Because of her ability to BOB up and down with the roughest current and route our fleet has to go through.  Many time and occasions, due to weather, the ferry wasn't able to leave Port Townsend or getting to Keystone and then being stuck over on Whidbey until they were able to weather the storm.  Everyone hopes that the Chetzemoka will help make traveling easier.

Many things on the ferry were done in a poor manor, the list that you can feel as soon as you drive on in fact you don't even need to take the ferry to see this, all you have to do is look up and you will see the ferry tilting to Starboard side.  There was a ton of wasted money in this project and a lot of headache. Being able to be part of the History of Washington State was something that my husband was a part of. It was something he will always remember and a great story he can share and tell the rest of his life.

The ferry was recently investigated and it was soon discovered that for every vehicle the ferry can carry it cost $1.2-million to build. By that measuring standard it is by far the most expensive ferry ever built in this country. The $80.1 million vessel was built by Todd Pacific Shipyards in Seattle.
Todd is in the process of building two more ferries of the same design for Washington State Ferries. Hopefully under budget to off set some of the cost it was to build this over budget ferry this time.

I have never been more proud of my husband and the idea of my Grandfather, Father, & now my husband have all been involved in the history of new ferry's in the system. My Grandfather was there when the Hyak was brand new on the fleet, My father was there when the Walla Walla was brand new to the fleet, I was there when the Tacoma came out to the fleet and now my husband when this boat came out. Although I no longer work there it is still a big part of my family. A large part of my past and present. Now I am looking forward to the next generations of Ferryboats that will come up.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lands End Hotel Review.....

I saw this Gem of a hotel a few years back when my family & I went there for the 4th of July.  The Lands end is right on the beach in the heart of town.  Just two block away from the main road of Cannon beach. It is located in the perfect setting in Cannon beach and has the feel of a 1950's vibe beach house.

When you go to stay here you are greeted with fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean, & the scenic rocks at Ecola State Park and we can't forget the views of  the historic Tillamook Lighthouse.  A beautiful beach front patio, complete with a BBQ and a picnic tables. "Hub's" and I sat and got lost in our books, in the comfortable seats, while watching the sunshine dance upon the pacific ocean.
This Patio is a reason all on its own for you to want to stay here!

The staff was amazing and it was a pleasure to work with. They made you feel like you were the only one staying at the Hotel. Any questions were answered and they even guided us to the best places to eat in town.  In the lobby there is a DVD selection for you to use in your room with the DVD player.  Thankfully this is a Non-smoking hotel. Which it makes ever room smell fresh.

Each room that is on the property are light-filled rooms feature panoramic vistas, balconies, fireplaces and wood to burn. Wireless internet, cable TV, DVD player and kitchenettes.  Our room was one of the few that wasn't re-modeled, but it didn't take away from anything at all. Our room also had a trundle bed. In the room they put in a little kitchen Island and a cute breakfast nook for you to enjoy the view of the ocean, with the fire roaring behind you. All you can as for is a nice winter storm.
The other rooms that have been remodeled have gas fire places. High Def flat screen TV's, along with in room jetted tubs, in addition to all the things that were in our room.  Enjoy a relaxing time spent in the onside outdoor whirlpool spa hot-tub.  They even have a cute shaded courtyard that is a quiet place to rinse the sand off your feet after that long walk on the beach. 

This place is "Fur Baby" friendly, although they don't roll out the red carpet for them, it is still a nice place that allows for dogs.  Our dog's were very comfortable here and it was easy to clean the beach off of them in the outside wash station making the dog towels they loan you for your stay come in so handy.

The biggest reason why I loved the Lands End is the fact that it's feeling of being on vacation but having the comfort as if you are home.  That it's the prime places to bring your family, your pets and enjoy the beach front hotel, Any of the rooms you can open your windows and hear the waves of the ocean crash down upon the land.  I can't wait to grab my close friends & family book all the rooms at the Lands End and enjoy a fun weekend playing on the beach and making memories and starting new traditions with our new family at the Lands end.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A conversation wtih Sarah.....

In her own words, Here is a follow up with this very talented photographer Sarah Schoenberg. I thought I would do something a bit different by you reading what her thoughts and views are. If you like it this way I might just do this in every follow up to the paper. Enjoy!

I've been taking pictures for about 13 years. I will eventually have to make picture-taking a full time gig for myself, but when I know the time is right. I've worked for 5 years just right outside of downtown Kingston at the Hood Canal Brewery Tasting Room. Talk about good beer! You may recognize the bottle labels and tap handles here in town, I took those pictures! Keeping my business local has been a great thing!

The outcome is amazing when you've established yourself, your talent and your work ethic locally: Your friends become your clients, Your clients become your friends, and ultimately, your best source of advertising.

Check out the website, www.sarahschoenberg.com, there you will see just a small portion of what I take photos of, from my product shots, ocean beaches and landscapes, Weddings, to Highschool Seniors, beautiful pregnant women, Newborns, and even Pin-Ups! (*Parent discretion is somewhat advised!) Other than the anticipation of Holiday Photos, I'm in Highschool Senior mode! Graduating class of 2011, I'm ready to let YOU take over to get those artsy and edgy looks! Who wants to have their Senior Portraits done by the same company as your parents?

I graduated from North Kitsap a decade ago, and think my age and free spirit makes the kids a little more comfortable, which leads to outstanding pictures!
Often I find myself encouraging my subjects to climb trees, dance, play, and even jump into the water!

I'm offering a special for those parents and students wanting to book a Senior Session with me. Mention KINGSTON GIRL, or Kingston Community News, to get $50 off your one or two hour session at the location of your choice (some restrictions apply). Can be scheduled at a later date but MUST be booked by the end of the year.

You will get a disc of ALL the photos, plus select photos enhanced for printing. Oh, and I work Green, although I can offer you prints and books and such, I'm not going to because you can do it yourself for less dollars, and that makes more sense!

At the end of the year I will take those who have booked their session and enter them into a drawing for a FREE 2-hour Senior Portrait Session- Valued at $250. To be determined by a random counter. Because I never did like popular vote contests!

Remember that when time has passed, all you have are memories- and great pictures!

Book your session at www.sarahschoenberg.com

Sarah Schoenberg Photography is on Facebook!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alderbrook Spa........

The Alderbroook Spa was just what the Hub’s and I needed to enjoy for some great rest and relaxing. When we walked into the spa we could both feel the stress of our everyday life that we live in, fade away. With our work demands and deadlines we just needed to take this time to reconnect. I think it is really important to do that as a couple.

Alderbrook Resort and Spa is that perfect place to do just that. We were lead from the dressing rooms in our terry cloth robes and lovely slippers that they give to you to use when you are there.  With a service in the spa you get to enjoy all the amminites that they have like the sauna, and steam room, the hot tub or the on site pool you can use them as long as you want to for the day you have your appointments. A must for you to fully enjoy your time at the Alderbrook Spa.

We enjoyed some much needed quiet time as we read our books, drank tea, and enjoyed the calm feeling of the relaxation room.  In the summer I want to come back and use the private patio adjestent to the relaxation room.  You can always cuddle up with a book snuggle up together on the patio with the glowing fire place that greets you before you even enter the spa.

This was my second time to be able to enjoy the Spa and I have to tell you that  just a few of the wonderful things that they have to offer I was able to take the time and truly enjoy a pedicure with Stacy. She was a delight and a joy to get to know for that hour. Being the type of person I am I don't relax easy. With a few gentle reminders I was able to let go of all the tension and experience a true spa pedicure, with a tub basin, roses and essential oils. I don't think I will ever be able to go to another place to enjoy a treatment and not be let down because I am not getting it done by Stacy. That is something to say. 

To top our spa day off we had a couple massage by Ann Marie, and Jami. "Hub's" had a hot stone massage and raved about how he never had a massage that felt that good and had the chance to enjoy himself and fully relax with a deep tissue massage, like he did with Ann Marie.  Jami on the other had did a nice soft, relaxing aromatherapy massage on me and I was so relaxed that I think at times I fell asleep, maybe not 100% but to the point where you really feel that relaxed. What I like most about both of these ladies is that they didn't talk our ears off the entire time. That is the main reason why I feel that this was the most relaxing massage I have ever had, that either of us have ever had. 

We will come back again, choosing to celebrate special moments and occasions at the Spa and at the Alderbrook resorts. This place means so much to us and if you need to find a place that will mean something to you and your spouse, your best friend or a yearly girls weekend, no matter what you need this is the place to begin. 


Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth has been the Spa Director at Alderbrook Resort for over 3 years.  She believes that talented, passionate and caring therapists are the foundation of an amazing Spa experience, and only hires therapists who believe the same. 
She considers Alderbrook Resort a very special place, where the beauty of the natural world invites a self reflection that few of us make time for in our busy lives.  The Spa is the perfect extension of that self reflection, allowing guests to rest, relax, and really take the time to reconnect with themselves or a loved one.


Shannon –
Shannon has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for over 4 years, and has proven that her skill and passion for the healing art of massage therapy is a perfect fit at the Spa. A graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, Shannon has been practicing for 11years.  When she is not at the Spa, Shannon loves to work in her garden!

Rebecca -
Becca has been a massage therapist at the Spa for over 2 years now.  A graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, Becca quickly established herself as a therapist with an amazing spirit and a special talent for making her guests feel their best.  When she is not at the Spa, Becca actively pursues her other passions for the arts of dancing and photography

Susan -
Susie is a dedicated massage therapist and graduate of Ashmead School of Massage. She has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for 3 years now; the Spa is a perfect fit for Susie, as the spectacular location on the Olympic Peninsula allows her to pursue her favorite hobby: hiking!

Jami -
Jami is a graduate of the Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics.   She has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for over 2 years now and has spent countless hours pampering the Spa’s guests. When she is not at the Spa, she spends her spare time hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying her vacations!

Kristina –
Kristina is a graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, and has been with the Spa for 2 years now.  She loves what she does, especially if it involves hot stone massages or delicious body treatments! When she is not delighting our guests at the Spa, you can find Kristina moonlighting as an aspiring pro wrestler! Watch out!

AnnMarie –
Ann Marie has been with the Spa for 4 years and is another graduate of Ashmead College, and then later an intern at Stevens Hospital.  She loves to explore the outdoors, especially fishing, hiking, photography, and spending time with her family.

Laurie –
Laurie is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, School of Theology at Claremont, and the Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics.  She has been with the Spa for 2.5 years, but has been practicing for 22!  Laurie is a therapist that has a wide interested in massage and healing.  Her continuing education includes: Qi Gong (1.5 years private study), Healing Touch (2nd level), Muscle Energy and Strain/Counterstrain (courses from URSA Foundation, Edmonds), LomiLomi, Trager Mentastatic (Level 2 of 3, certification expected in early 2011)

When she is not at the Spa, Laurie works full time for the state of Washington, doing digital imaging, and is a co-founder of Reach Them Online, a social media management company (www.reachthemonline.com). Before working for the State, Laurie had a full time massage therapy practice in Tacoma for 10 years.

Her favorite hobbies and distractions include: music, writing,  and photography/Photoshop image enhancement.

Marla –
Marla attended Ashmead School of massage in fife Washington. She has been with the Spa for 4 years now, and practicing massage for 9. Marla has injury treatment experience and training, as well as Structural Relief Therapy.  One of her favorite treatments to give is a pregnancy massage.  She is also experienced in:
Positional Relief Therapy, Reflexology Level 1, Hot Stone Massage, LomiLomi Massage. 
She does not only do Deep Tissue massage, her modalities range from Swedish to Stretching, Deep Tissue, Warm Stones, Trigger Point work, etc. She loves to add several modalities into her body treatments. 

When she is not giving Spa treatments, Marla loves to receive them…having Spa days is one of her favorite activities…and much deserved considering that camping and hiking are her other favorites!


Jennifer -
Jennifer is our lead Esthetician here at the Spa at Alderbrook.  She has been with the Spa for 4 years and has since delighted guests and staff alike with her skills for making your skin come alive. 
Jennifer loves educating women about skin care and how to feel good about their skin, and is passionate in passing on her knowledge of how to slow the ageing process of our skin.

When she is not helping the Spa’s guests find rest, relaxation and beautiful skin, Jennifer loves to travel, garden and cook a delicious meal!

Andrea -
Andrea is a graduate of the Euro Institute of Skin Care in Renton, Washington.  She has been with the Spa at Alderbrook since August of 2009, and quickly demonstrated her enthusiasm and knowledge for the art of skin care. Andrea is passionate about skin care and loves to keep up-to-date on new skin care trends and products.  She always wants to learn new tools and techniques that can aid her in helping her clients improve their skin. 
When she isn’t making your skin glow, Andrea enjoys skiing, sailing, kayaking, concerts and scrapbooking!


Beth -
Beth has been a cosmetologist for over 12 years, and attended the Gene Juarez Academy of Beauty.  While Beth is our lead stylist for brides and wedding parties, she does also delight the Spa’s guests with manicures and pedicures on occasion!  During her years in the industry, Beth has preformed everything from manicures and pedicures, to hair styling and cutting, hair coloring, makeup and waxing.  She is truly a woman who can make you look your best!
When she’s not at the Spa, Beth loves cooking and baking.
Stacy –
Stacy has been with the Spa for several years, and is a graduate of Grays Harbor Beauty College.  She loves working in the Spa’s atmosphere, and strives for perfection in detail in her work.  She aspires to provide the most relaxing Spa Experience for her clients.   When she is not giving the Spa’s guest’s beautiful fingers and toes, Stacy loves to spend time with her family, doing painting and home projects, as well as enjoying the waters of Puget Sound doing boating and fishing.

 So do yourself a favor contact the spa today and tell them Kingstongirl sent you!
This is a perfect gift from Santa.

A kingstongirl Event!!!

I do monthly events and decided a few months ago to do a vendor, craft, food, & gift fair. We can't wait for this event. There are 40 plus vendors, santa, food, yummy & a fun time for all to be had!!!
If you can make it to the fair we would love to see you! Make sure you come and say hi to Kingstongirl. See ya Saturday!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Open my heart.

If you have been following my blog or know me in a personal level.
  I love November.
November is National Adoption Month. 
I hope one day that "Hub's" and I become Parents. 
We have to much love to give to a baby not to have one.
Try hard to remember circumstances that the hurt of infertility vary. 

Infertility may result from a health condition on the part of either or both spouses. 
Many times couples become infertile after they already have a child.
Many just can't become Pregnant.
My story is that from the time I got "aunt flow" 
I had the worst time, 
my highschool years were almost always spent in bed,
I had a number of DNC's and Laparoscopy.  
Only to end up down the path 6 months before my 20th Birthday
with a full hysterectomy.
I was never given the choice to freeze my eggs. 
At such a young age it would have changed the world and should have been done. 
I look back and that is my biggest regret.
Regardless, all deserve compassion and freedom from stereotypes.
 I try to hide it.
I hate baby showers, they cuts like a knife, in my heart.
A cut so deep that it takes me weeks sometimes months to recover from.
Knowing that I might never hold a baby of my own. 
    It isn't that I am not happy for the people that have babies. 
Don't not invite me to your baby shower.
 Or not have me be a part of your child's life.
That is not the point, I want to share with you.
I know that there are days its just to hard to be part of somethings.
Then there are days that are not hard at all. 

One day I will look into the eyes of my sweet little one and say, 
Not flesh of my flesh,
Nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute;
You didn't grow under my heart
but in it. 

Just try to remember that some get to become a mom in easier ways then others.
Try to be soft and sensitive to the ones that its harder for. 
So if you are wanting to or wishing to adopt 
here are some links you might 
to try.