Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Why you should go to Shutterfly and use them for your photo's.....

As a scrapbooker I have used many different photo companies. I have never used anything that I love as much as I love Shutterfly.  Recently I ordered prints in black and white, They are going to go in white frames against the chocolate wall in my family room.  The pictures are perfect!

Shutterfly even warn's you before you buy the prints if they are good enough quality. Most times they offering free shipping or discounted most of the time. My photo's are important to me & I love that I  can sit back and enjoy them, having them be affordable is key. With low prices & quality of a high priced photo lab that can be sent right to your door, its an added bonus that you just don't need to go any further then your computer to get those moments in print sent right to your door. If you don't want to fuss with the mail you can upload your pictures and have them sent to the Target store closest to you for you to buy and pick right there. Another win win!!

Even better is that you have all photo's backed up on the Shutterfly website, once you download them to be printed they are safe forever for free. Leaving you to never worry about your photo's ever being deleted. This is the number one reason I use Shutterfly.

They do more then just photo's they do Holiday cards Save the Date Cards This year we will be using Shutterfly to do our Christmas Cards and I am giving most of the family either a photo book or their calendars either would be a great gift to give. We are in August now what better time to get started on the list for Christmas now! I have ordered Party Invitations for "Hub's" birthday invites before and they were wonderful. I will use them again and again.  Enjoy Shutterfly I know I do!