Friday, March 4, 2011

A busy time ahead of me.

So as i'm sitting here at Hot Shot Java in good old down town Poulsbo, thinking about the past few weeks and how we are already In the 3rd month of 2011. Anyone else feel like it's going by like warp speed? every month is spent with every weekend booked and so many wonderful events and so many wonderful adventures that I feel so blessed to be doing.

I feel like I have been all over the map never knowing what I should focus on or set my sights on to turn to set my sights on and go for it! I love the road I'm on by needing to make some smart choices for my future, to become paid for what I do. The Kingstongirl name is a brand. Kind of like my very own idol Tori Spelling. I want to have what she has, I want to be a household name in my area and beyond. I want to be the west coast go to girl for people, place's and events. A cross between Tori and say Samantha Brown. I want to do charity events dances and fun events that people don't think twice about, but just attend because they see the "Kingstongirl" name with it. Being hired by people to draw people into their restaurants, bars or businesses. In this economy we all need help and getting people to go through your door is hard work.

So I'm meeting up with new friend and life coach we will call her lady T. This lady had it all together, I had no idea what I was up against when she sat down. I knew that I had so many thing that were and are always floating inside my head. We talked for almost two hours on where I have been business wise and where I want to go, setting goals, keeping things in order and not spread myself to thin. I truly don't know how to be other then spreading myself to thin.  She was nice in the way she talked to me and I was thinking of all the points she was making.

Then after we went our own ways I really started to spin my wheels and over think everything, what is it I want people to know about Kingstongirl? Where do I want to go? What is the outcome that I want besides getting paid? I'm good at doing events but what kind of events? Help me come up with some ideas I would love the input. :)