Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet me Monday! :)

 1. Whenever I do something for a special occasion or go out on a date night, I obsessively feel like I need a new outfit to wear. Even if it is a new top. Maybe it is just an excuse to buy something for myself because now whenever I shop I immediately head for home section of all the stores especially Target. I am always trying to find that cute thing for the house. 

2. Because I am an only child & I have a fear of loosing one or both of my parents at times it cripples me to the fact I am in a total panic. Second with the idea of the loss of my hubs. I can think myself into a overwhelming frantic upset. I have been like this forever. I use to sneak out of class in grade school and wait on the steps for my Mom. I would love for this to pass but I don't think it will...EVER GO AWAY! 
3. I have tried to stop drinking soda 1000 and 1 times and it never works. I'm obsessed with diet coke. I guess it's not as bad since it doesn't have the sugar? Right???

4. I am a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE speller. Thank God for spell check. My brain just runs faster than my hand can write. I am trying and for those who correct me with a private email I thank you...just try not to call me out in public. Please!!
 5. I LOVE turning down my bed and slipping in when the sheets are fresh and clean. Dried from the clothes line outside.... Clean, crisp, fresh sheets are the BEST!  
 6. I love historical movies, books, plays.  I am currently trying to read Marie Therese Child Terror Antoinettes Daughter Trying is really stretching it, I have to listen to it on cd while I am reading it..... It is an intimidating book but I know that It is one I will love & share!  

& because of this book I am even more into this...... the show I CAN'T WAIT to come on every week is ...Tudors. Oh. This. Is. A. Show. ( Sad the lead hottie wont do more seasons cause he doesn't want to get fat for his part) This is okay like the "Hub's" He is to cute to stay mad at! 

7. I am always trying to find ways to make money from home, I hope one day that I can do just that and make the "hubs" proud of me. One day my writing will pay off. That Kingstongirl will help get me into the life we have always wanted. 

8. I haven't gotten a pedicure in 5 months my Mom needs to come home so we can go!!!

9. I am counting down the days till summer vacation.
We have so many fun things to look forward to... many camping trips Klaloch with Ma & Pa, Nana & Poppie, if the weather is okay, My Birthday, 4th of July (I am in the Parade!) a fun time in Sun Lakes with our Good friends the "P"family.  I want to do many dinners at our house and fun BBQ's.  So get ready for many invites.

10.  I feel like I'm still in my mid 20's. When I watch reality shows like Real housewives of ( all of them) or the Bachelor(ette), Big Brother,  I think wow they are the same age as me. Not really. I'm almost 33 and this makes me feel like I have let my good years fade away. I guess I always just thought that 30 was so far away and when I stop and reflect on my life, I am a total adult now. That's weird too sometimes! Maybe this has to do with the fact that I am not a mom. Maybe that is when I will feel like a grown up! 

Bonus: I am addicted to direct sales.. I love the idea of having my girls over for an evening and shopping from the comfort of my living room. I love when my girls stop by and visit for a fun night. I love getting "free" things. I do feel sorry for the ladies I invite to everything but don't feel bad if you can't make it! It is really just for me....