Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter.

This is my Dad, Frank Longmate when he was 3 1/2 years old. In their house in South Kingston. They lived on the big farm right to the left of you before you went down Jap hill. ( To this day I wish I could buy it and return it to its old Glory.) For years it has been empty and the past few months someone has been living there, but never the less the lump in my throat when I drive past it, (Which I do often just because.) Would be a dream come true to live there again.

This picture got me thinking of how Kingston Mom's have always made it so much fun for their kids and grandkids and how the traditions that we have past down over the generations is something to be so proud of.

This weekend rain or shine didn't stop the festivities from taking place. The Cup & Muffin~ Did a great event giving all kids hot chocolates for free & also Easter eggs with a free drink gift card inside where Adults aren't just welcomed to hunt the eggs but they were encouraged. Amy & Mark are such a great support to our community in Kingston.

IGA had an inside Easter Egg hunt, that was so fun from what I heard from the many kids that enjoyed their time there. Thank you Rick for making this happen.

Then off to Kola Kola park to enjoy the outdoor Easter Egg hut! Where even the sunshine came out to play!

What a way to really kick off spring. Even though there were some places in Kitsap County that had snow! Lots of rain! & some places where the sun stayed out long enough for us all to play in and enjoy all the fun Easter activities.

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