Monday, April 26, 2010

Manic Monday?

Manic Monday, There is so much to share but don't want to overwhelm anyone with my manic thoughts, so please except my apoligies, before hand.....for my ramble's.

Today I started to ween off diet coke....yes that is what you just read no need to adjust the screen.  I am sick of drinking a case of it every few days.  So today I cut back and added tea and sparking water.. bring on the splitting headace that I am sure that I will be having tomorrow!  I hate the way water taste's just is so boring. Even with the crystal light I put into it doesn't help at all.  I wish that water could taste like diet coke, then it would be so much better. 

The next mind numbing rant is, Why do women give other women bad names, The idea of the craziness that we women can sometimes be just awful. We have a friend that is going through a tough time. He and his babies mama broke up a while ago and everything was going well and things were on good terms. Now bare in mind I DO NOT take sides, when friends break up. It is their business and their issues to work through. with that said, why do some people use their children to make their ex suffer. Like they are the buttons that they push & know that it will really be the one thing that will tare the other in half. This is what is going on with our friend and it is heartbreaking to see him not able to see his little girl because she doesn't feel like letting him see her because she is wanting to hurt him now. Don't people get it that its not the ex that is going to suffer as much as it is their child. Why can't they remember the start of their relationships, I am not saying that everyone in every situation should be letting their children see the other parent if their life is in danger.  Just put the bullshit away and be a parent. We all hate our ex's and if you don't you are a saint.  So why don't you think back to the when you use to be in love. Not that you should fall back in love with your ex, but just remember that you were once in love with this person and created a life. 


Together We Save said...

I totally agree with you... water is way to boring! I am trying to be good but for me Dt. Mt. Dew is my true love.

Kingston girl said...

Good I am glad i am not the only one! :)

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Yay for weaning the diet coke! I have cut back quite a bit. Not completely, as that is just not gonna happen. I only drink one every couple of days now. Rather than 2-3 a day. I did have a head ache, but ibuprophen cured that, and the head aches only lasted 2 days.

Water IS boring! I wish it tasted like diet coke too. :)

Everything in moderation! I am drinking a little crystal light (energy) which is AWESOME. I actually feel great when drinking it.

Also, since I've cut back on the carbonation, my stomach is flatter! Interesting!