Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ok Friends... This only happens when It is something really important!

Yes you read right. Glee is on for part two of their first season. The first part was amazing! From laughter to crying this show is a hit. If you haven't watched it do yourself a favor and netflix or youtube them? I am so excited the count down is on in my house & we are going to Tivo them so we can watch them over and over again. Also if you have a husband that would rather watch the premier of
Deadliest Catch
like my hubs, well there is still hope. If you are in the area
Deadliest Catch is on channel 278 in 20 minutes at 6:00 PM. and Glee Stars at 9:30 on Channel 13, its on for an hour & two minutes. ( yes the news wont be on at 10:00 for you but you can afford to miss it! So I am pretty excited but here are some pictures to wet your whistle.



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