Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review of Dirty Hairy's! ( Tessa saved the day! )

                                                                Before the haircut! 

Last week I was asked to go check out Dirty Hairy’s salon down town Poulsbo on Jensen Way.
When I walked into the salon I felt like I was walking into a hip Steal Magnolias Salon.. That this is a place that I could not just get my hair done but really feel like I was sitting at a friends house where I was waited on and treated like company. Just the undivided attention they showed me made me feel like I was a guest in their home, I guess in a way I was a guest in their home.

I was happy to be playing on my laptop writing for the blog, using the free wifi that they offer to anyone that goes there. Tessa told me they got wifi so people could still do work while they were there on a lunch break not missing a beat while they waited for their color to be done or wait their turn to have their hair done. It just makes sense in a busy way of life these girls catered to us. 

Tessa has been living in the area for about two years. “I have been a stylist for 20 years and a salon owner for 13 years. When I moved here my goal was to open a salon within one year. Big goal... “ Moving here from Spokane she left everything and everyone she knew and headed to Poulsbo to start her new life. While waiting to find the perfect place Tessa rented a chair at a local salon until she was able to build a name and client list for herself. “Eight months later, that is just what I did.” In the mean time she met and became friends with Stylist Kimbery Ulbright & soon they started looking for the perfect place to run their own salon becoming co-owners & partners of Dirty Hairy’s salon & together they opened in July 2009. Then the third lady of the Salon Alison Hanford called and asked if there was a chair for rent and the rest is history! Alison is a perfect fit to the trio! They are a great team. 

“ I love the small town feel and the way the people work together to improve each others success.” Tessa said.
Owning her own business gives Tessa the freedom to also make her own schedule, making way to give her the balance between work and family. Tessa enjoy’s making her own rules. “I have always been more of a leader than a follower when it comes to most things. It seems to have worked so far.” On the down-side, for owning her own business she feels that there is a lot of responsibility to keep things running smoothly and make sure everyone is happy. 

When asked if there was anything she would like to change in Poulsbo she said “I would get rid of the one hour parking signs so people can enjoy more time roaming around” 

Tessa is a true believer that more people should help support the local small businesses, so someday all of the windows will be lit up rather than empty! In the future The Salon hope there will be a Dirty Hairy's magnet on all of the refrigerators in kitsap county within the next five years! As a salon owner Tessa has learned how to see people as individuals, and then to take that and use it as a tool to give each person a pleasurable experience. When she chose to open the salon in Poulsbo It was because she enjoyed the view of the bay and the historical downtown "feel". Tessa always believe’s your business will grow if you work where you play. “I love it here! The people in this community are very original. We fit in here. Dirty Hairy's is one of a kind!” 

When I left the Salon after my hair getting done I realized that I was hooked and more then likely would never go anywhere else. I have told everyone and anyone that would listen that this is the best kept secret in town & in selfish way hoped it would stay that way so I wouldn’t have to wait a month to get a hair cut! I figure I better book early because these three girls, Tessa, Kim & Alison, are going to be booked months in advance before long. I truly felt that this was so relaxed. That the ladies at the Salon were my friends now and really easy going and so fun to work with. In this economy their prices are so reasonable. I think that people are important to them and that our town is important to them. They add that spark this little town needs. I am so lucky to have been able to come and check them out! I can’t wait to go back!!!

                                                                      After the haircut! 
19132 Jensen Way Poulsbo, WA, Call today at 360-598-3600They offer services From Cuts Starting at $20.00..... Ranging from Facial waxing to Perms! Offering Happy hour where every Monday & 1st week of each month Mens/children cuts are $10.00!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a FUN salon, the girls look like so much fun and the free wifi is awesome I wish mine had that.

YOU look adorable my dear :) LOVE LOVE the cut!!!

Trish said...

love the haircut!!

hushmama said...

cute hair!
and this reminds me that i need to get my hair cut so bad :)