Thursday, April 15, 2010

So many exciting things....

I am starting to really get excited about some events that are coming up over the next few months. You can really tell that In North Kitsap it's spring time. We have fun and last weekend the Farmers market opened in Poulsbo. I went like i do every year and I truly thought it looked so much bigger then the past. Bainbridge opened their market last Saturday as well. I am going to check it out next Saturday. Kingston opens May 1st. The thing I love about Farmers markets is the fresh food, talented artists and crafters, the way you look around and see the communities coming together.

I am challenging myself to try something new everyday. One thing a day is a baby step into having a big range of experiences.
I remember when I was in my early 20's and did this. Thinking back to that I laugh because it made me realize that I really did live a sheltered little life. So I am going to do something new everyday and put a little note on what that new thing is. If you are a blogger please do this with me. Its going to be alot of fun!

A few weeks ago my husband & I went to down town Poulsbo and looked around, I love how neat it is down there. Always have to get a yellow smiley face cookie at "Slys" get a white chocolate moca at "hot shots" Pick up a book at "Liberty bay books" went to "Amanda's yarn shop" for something new to work on. I just so love all the little shops in down town. What is your favorite shop?
I really can't wait for Kingston to have a cute down town like Poulsbo does. We are trying so hard. We just need to get people to come hang out there and spend their time exploring downtown Kingston as well as Poulsbo. We have to support our little people.

Sorry for the short post but better a little then nothing at all.


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