Monday, April 12, 2010

My history of Poulsbo.....

This week I am going to Highlight Poulsbo. I am going to hit on some of the great things to do and highlight things in and around Poulsbo. My Dad's Mother's family moved from Terry Montana to Poulsbo on March 20th, 1942. Being that my great grandma was norwegian and my great grandpa was German, they wouldn't let them live in the city limits, so they were able to buy land on Lincoln Road. Where they raised their family of seven children & now over a hundred of us get together at family picnics and Christmas times. The new Poulsbo is full of wonderful events. people, and festivals. businesses that help the town thrive. This week I will work on the beginning to the present day of Poulsbo. We are looking for giveaways from Poulsbo area businesses and hope that we will get alot more followers. So not only am I Kingstongirl, but I am Poulsbogirl!


The Day they left from Montana to Poulsbo. This is what they rode in on their travel's.

The little town of Poulsbo.

The land Plot that that Hank & Maye Freiboth bought for their family when they made there way to here.

My Grandma when she was in first grade in the little school house In

My Grandma before her Jr Prom at North Kitsap High School.


Megan said...

Love the old pictures! What fun memories you can look back on! =)

Kingston girl said...

Thanks sweetie. Hope you had a great Monday.