Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st article in Kingston Community news.( lil' Sprouts)

I hope you enjoy this article. It is the first that I have written in the Kingston Community News, I know some of you wont be able to get the paper so I thought I would share on here!  

Michelle & I have become close friends. We have alot of the same views and share many things in common. We know what to say at the right times and be in the right places when we need to be. It was an instant click and a friendship that will be one I treasure for the rest of my life.  Anyone that knows Michelle in person knows what a special person that she is. Michelle brings that specialness to her Store. I hope after reading this you are able to take the time and check her store out! 


Kingston has always had such special meaning to me. Maybe it’s the fact that for 5 generations my family has been a part of this wonderful community.  Hearing stories and visiting places that only the old timers know about has always made me believe that I had a secret pass at the world of Apple tree cove.

One thing I know for sure is that what makes this community so wonderful is the women who have molded it into what it is today.  All the years of hard work are starting to pay off. When most all of the businesses in town are being ran, owned & operated by mostly women.   

To celebrate the women both past and present, my monthly columns will highlight a women in business in our community on the north end.  My daily blog will be focused on all the women in North Kitsap and the “going on’s” in and around the community!

As this hits press time a store that we have grown to love will be closed.  The Mad Hatter Boutique. You see this was one of the reasons I wanted to get the Community news out there to support our businesses because if we don’t use them and support them we will all wake up one day and be back in the early years of the Kingston settlers and down town will be gone.  

The first Lovely Lady I am going to highlight is Michelle Lanning the owner of Lil’ Sprouts.  Michelle is a local like herself.  Her roots run deep in the community.  Michelle’s father Richard Belmont Jr. is from the Suquamish Indian tribe and served for many years as a Tribal Chairman.  Her mother Carolyn Playter was raised in Kingston herself.  Even her Grandfather Ted Playter owned and ran the scrap metal yard on Bond Road so needless to say it is in Michelle’s blood to be a business owner in Kingston.

 “ Owning a green organic eco friendly toy shop is so exciting for me, and I am so excited to share it with the little town I love so much.” Michelle said.

Michelle being a mom of four, Tyler is 8, Chad is 17, Courtney 20 & Ashley 25, is finally able to follow her heart

 What she always wanted to see come into down town Kingston was a toy  shop.  When no one leased her storefront for just that reason, Michelle decided enough waiting around and took the matters into her own hands.  Michelle went above and beyond and came up with a concept you would find in a fancy downtown Seattle toy store. Lil’ Sprouts  toyshop is a  Eco friendly, heirloom quality toy store.

The best part for the Kingston residents is now they don’t have to drive outside our little town to get the perfect baby shower gift, or birthday gift for that special little one.  It is right in our little Kingston town.
When shopping here remember that Michelle takes the time to hand pick out toys & products that she sells in her store. With brand name toys like Spring, Maple Landmark, The little Experience, HABA, and carrying some of the hottest celebrity must have. You have to know that what you are buying is as unique as she is. Her toys are not just safe for babies but safe for the planet too! Only buying from companies that support green and fair labor practices. 

So do yourself a favor, and stop on by between the hours of 11am to 5ish, Tues. through Sat. Michelle would love to see you! Tell her Kingstongirl sent you! 

Please feel free to check her web-page and online store at Lil' Sprouts

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Great article. Glad to see Kingston has some awesome new businesses!