Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's Baby Review!

When I met Linda Hall, I realized that it is a very small world.  My Hub’s family has been close family friends with Linda. Hub’s grew up with her twin daughter’s Haley & Heather.  Haley is married to a great guy that I grew up with and his family is close friends with my family.  Then when I got on facebook I got to “meet” Linda when there was a fundraising event she donated a beautiful hand made quilt that she made. Her talent and her kindness were both unbelievable.  I thought that Linda would make a good person to review and do my first giveaway with at the same time.

Linda was born and raised on Bainbridge Island. Where she raised Her twins, Hayley and Heather.  After they were grown and gone, The Island wasn’t the same place she grew up on or raised her girls on. It became over ran and Linda felt like she had Over dosed on Yuppieism and decided it was time that she moved off the Island.

Over the years she had done different jobs, like when she was a bookkeeper for Silverwood Homes, which operated out of their home/office at Apple Cove.
After retiring, she began quilting and discovered that giving them to relatives only goes so far in disposing of them. They do tend to pile up, especially when one turns the sewing machine onto "Turbo" and power sews as she does.

She learned about "Martha's Helpers" at the church across the street from my apartments. What Martha’s helpers do is that they make quilts for children attending a school in West Africa. It was founded by an old schoolmate of Linda’s.  At that time she decided to get started on making and donating her quilts to them. Word got out of her talent and what she was doing when her daughter in Oregon, Camela, asked Her to donate quilts to children on a Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. So she did that & it kept her busy.
This right here shows what a big heart and a giving spirit that Linda has. Most people don’t donate the works of art of quilting but she didn’t think twice.

Then almost a year ago, Her niece in Anacortes turned her on to "Etsy," the online store for handmade items. Linda took the information but really didn’t think to much of it except for being rather casually about it,  she then decided to give it a try and list some of her quilts.

Then to Linda’s surprise one sold.  “People found them and actually bought them”  Since then, Linda has listed and sold diaper bags, purses, swaddling blankets, and more recently, baby clothes. That are out of this world.

If you are a local in the Kitsap area you need to go to "Rock-A-Buy" Children's Consignment Shop on your way to Bainbrige on Hwy 305. They have all of Linda’s items for sale there. It was a perfect match to sell her things not only on Esty but also at the Children's Consignment Shop. Lately Linda has branched out selling her clothes that are seen on Facebook.  Word of mouth is spreading fast selling now to private parties who have seen them on someone or referred to by customers that she has had by her items already. 

Starting off as something to do to make a little spending money has turned into a growing business is much more than Linda had ever envisioned. “It’s something I was going to do anyway’s might as well make money while I am at it.” What is nicest for Linda is that she has so much flexibility and can come and go as she pleases. Never having to get up and go to work is a big bouns.

What she likes best about selling online is that it makes a way for stay at home moms to make money if they are crafters. "Etsy" even features baked goods for sale.

“At the age of 71, I'm so grateful that I have something to be excited about and a reason to get out of bed everyday. I am blessed.” Linda said

 I know one thing for sure, getting to Know Linda over the past few months I have been blessed. You should get that new baby or favorite child's gift through Linda & todays baby

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Nichole said...

I want to leave a personal review on my experience working with linda. I made my first order online through facebook and got a 25% discount. (unexpectedly.. woo hoo!) The outfit she tailored to my personal request in colors and it came out beautifully. I cant believe how professional and fast she was too. The packages were on time and even included a sweet thank you letter. I have since been a huge fan and got a second package from linda. I rave about her and she is a genuine sweetheart. Today's Baby rocks.