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Trip on a Tank The Bishop Hotel.

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As you drive into Port Townsend you look down upon the beautiful bluff to the blue sky and the inlet of the water that reflects the color of the landscape that it is surrounded by. The cute ferry that can fit in and out of the slip rocks up and down in the Port Townsend ferry dock.  The neat mix of people on vacation, the wealthy, and the grunge hippies that make the culture of Port Townsend something that you have to experience for yourself to truly enjoy it. Nestled in between a triangle of Three Forts, Warden, Flagler & Casey which use to protect what they thought when they built it was going to be the “ Seattle” & where the Staights meet’s the Puget sound. Lucky for us it didn't become Seattle it became a lovely vacation destination by the sea.
You start to travel down main straight and cut back to the little alley that wraps around the back area of downtown Port Townsend, and you stumble to one of the towns jewel’s. The Bishop Hotel. You pull into the private and free parking area for the hotel and enter into the reception area and feel so welcome as soon as you walk into the hotel.  Like a guest at your Grandma's house.
The staff was so nice telling us what they thought we would need to know. Looking around the lobby that has the old victorian charm.  The rooms are through a separate entrance then the hotel lobby, The Stairs are a bit steep,  but the small hike up to your room is well worth it when you step into your own personal victorian experience. You can almost sense the victorian men and women walking around and spending time in this history rich hotel. The attention to every detail is all appointed with period furniture, historic lighting, and the special touch of whimsy that is obvious to all the guest’s that get the chance to stay here.
Our room was number 14 with a kitchenette, fully stocked with dishes, glasses, & silverware, (This is something that all 16 rooms come with) fold out couch, a beautiful dinning area, and a gas fireplace with a comfy wing back chair next to it so you can hunker down and enjoy that book you are reading. Most things that you would expect to come in a hotel went above and beyond my expectation here. The TV was a little out dated but with a room as nice as this and a town as fun as this it really didn’t matter, and I still got to watch my Thursday night TV line up and because of having basic cable the hub’s got to watch his fox’s sports net.  With there being Free wifi in the room and a guest computer to use on the same floor was just what I needed and also something I look for in all the hotels I stay in. It was nice to be able to print our directions for the next day’s venture. 
The bathroom is pretty good size, and private which is an added bonus in a hotel that is this old. I was hoping for a claw foot tub, but the stand up shower was so spacious & the bath products were a pleasant surprise with the smell & quality that were so nice that I didn’t even have to use mine from home, because of that it was hardly noticed that there wasn’t a tub. Although some suites feature soaking tubs with cozy lounging robes for the guest to enjoy. I will make sure that I ask for one of those rooms next time  I stay. The best part is that I  didn’t have to pack a hair dryer!  Let’s face it when you are on a mini vacation you need to pack as little as possible, so this helps. out ALOT! 
The garden area that we were able to enjoy was simply a joy to sit and soak up some of the sun that found its way out of the clouds.  The rhohdies were out in full bloom and the freshly cut grass made all the flowers of the victorian cottage garden’s stand out that much more. This is another perfect place to bring the fur babies, because they are welcome here. The fur babies loved the garden just as much as we did. 
During the trip to Port Townsend we were lucky to stop by the Summer house with owners Glenn & Christine  Lyons. We then stumbled in to Sirens   Where we were able to enjoy a IPA & a nice Ice tea. While we were able to enjoy where the locals hang out.   We decided to eat at The Bellmount Hub's had the Chef salad and I had the french dip. Because the weather was so nice we were lucky enough to end our evening out on the deck where we very much enjoyed watching the ferry go back and fourth and the little boats go by to the Marina. The Staff at the Bellmount were as always so great. My Mom and I go here at least once or twice a month when we do a day trip up here. We have been coming to this restaurant since I was 7 years old, so it really seems almost like its a part of my family.

So make sure you do yourself a favor and try a stay a night or two at the The Bishop hotel. 
& just an added bonus when you stay more then once you become a part of the frequent guest program earning great things like Dinner, or a free night's stay. This is with any othe rthe sister properties as well. So make your reservation and feel like you stepped back in time, at least for a night. I do hope they some day invite me to check out their sister property at the The Swan Hotel

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