Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip on a tank Friday, The Bellweather review!

Hotel Bellweather is only one of three hotels in Pacific Northwest to receive a 4-star rating, not knowing that before I went there to do my reviews, it was too my surprise when we made our way up to Bellingham, it felt like we drove into another world.  During our drive up there from Seattle was so amazingly beautiful,  The water sparkled liked diamond as the sunlight danced around on the top of the bay. As the road twisted and turned we came to our exit and drove down towards the hotel. The old town Bellingham is simply beautiful. It has the charm of a small town but the strength of a big city.

When we made it to our hotel I was breathless. Stepping into the hotel lobby I was immediately welcomed by the staff. The general manager took us under his wing and showed us around the property, treating us like we were the only people in the hotel. We were showed all the different rooms so we could compare the sixty six rooms that they have to offer for anyone on any budget... but if a budget is not a worry and you want to go above and beyond, do something special book the one of a kind freestanding light house shaped building its three-story’s, two bath, living room, sitting room, kitchen, Master bedroom and fun wrap around the ideal for a  romantic vacation with your loved one and is complete with a 360° observation deck with views of Bellingham Bay and the mountains. 

It’s truly the most perfect hotel located in the perfect location, with in hotel dinning, including a  onsite wine cellar, where the décor reflects Louis XIV style furniture. Just think of what your wedding party would think of you if you booked this for a  dinner. What a perfect place for a  wedding rehearsal. Enjoy a waterside wedding on the terrace overlooking the bay and marina is a perfect choice  for that special day. What would make the best setting especially during the spring & summer.

Have a boat? Then you have to drive it up to the Bellweather where you are not only welcomed but encouraged  to pull up to the Hotel’s 220’ private dock.  Having space at the Squalicum marina, that only Bellweather guests may use during their stay.  The park around the hotel has a walk way where you can roller blade, jog, walk or ride your bike. You can also do what the locals do and go fly a kite, this is the best place in Bellingham to do just that. It is a great place to bring the kids and let them blow off some energy so they can fall asleep and you can enjoy your room with a glass of wine and take in the view your room has to offer. 

The sunset changed its hues of purples, pinks, reds & oranges,  From our private balcony we were able to enjoy the San Juan Islands and Bellingham Bay, I truly enjoyed the private jetted bath tub, while still watching the TV! After watching the sunset and enjoying my bath we put the hotel bathrobes on and were able to sit and relax with a good book and wine all the while feeling the warmth of the gas fireplace to top the night off when we were ready to snuggle down in our bed with the 100% down comforters from Austria. Did I mention 100% down comforters from Austria!! Yeah it was the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure to sleep in away for home.  The hotel offers all guests a continental breakfast with all the normal staples for a hotel breakfast, I was hoping for a bit more for this hotel, but I can see why they don't when they have an amazing restaurant that makes breakfast with anything your heart could wish for. 

We were able to explore downtown Bellingham and it made me think alot of a mix of Ballard, Seattle, & Portland. While we were on our little tour of downtown we came across Rocket Donuts. Where we spent some time with family and shared the love of the maple bacon donuts! YUMMY! We ate lunch at Bayou on the Bay I had the best poor boy sandwich and mac & cheese Hub's had the jumbalaya and corn bread and we have thought a few times to just get back in the car and go up just to eat there again!  We got the best baby present for our friends baby at Digs, not that I need another hobby but Hub's said I can start making soap it is something I have really wanted to try for a really long time so when I stumbled on otion soap, I was in love! I started to make the soaps I have stuff for and when I go back up I will have to try my had at lotion making! They even offer classes and parties. I am so going to get my sister to come with me and try something new!

A big bonus for me is the hotel is "Fur Baby" welcomed no one has to stay behind when you go on vacation. They even set aside special rooms to accommodate you and your pet. Your best friend is always welcome at the Hotel Bellwether! Pets can stay for $25 per night, you can even add on the  Pet Package for $35 in addition to your room rate.  This will include a bed for your "Fur Baby", food and water bowls, & what else oh yeah a treat! 

It was a great stay and I hope that I will get asked back to come check it out. I now know why my sister moved her family up there. It is beautiful and the pace is to relax and enjoy. So tell the Bellweather when you book your room that Kingstongirl sent you!


Kite Koop said...

FYI, We LOVE Bellingham. When my husband was a professional triathlete, there was a race there that he did. Plus, we have some good friends there as well. Makes you just want to live there, doesn't it?

Tina said...

It is a little piece of heaven here! I'm very thankful to have seen the beautiful hotel where you stayed. Many times flying kites, always wanting to visit. Now having seen the inside, I will make the hubby take me there for an anniversary or maybe a just because visit. Thanks for sharing this place I love so much!