Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trip on a tank... Manresa Castle review

The rich history of the Manresa Castle is what makes it a must see when you are vacationing in Port Townsend. 

The Castle was completed in 1892 as the home of Charles and Kate Eisenbeis. Mr. Eisenbeis was a prominent member of the early Port Townsend business community. His business interests were diverse including a bakery, brick works, lumber mill, brewery, bank and a hotel. In 1878, when Port Townsend became the first incorporated city in Jefferson County, its citizens elected Eisenbeis as the first mayor.

Wanting to keep a status in the community, Eisenbeis a private residence built consisting of 30 rooms. Locals referred to it as "Eisenbeis Castle." The walls are 12 inches thick, made with bricks. After Charles died in 1902  the castle was left empty for almost 20 years except for a caretaker.

In 1925, a Seattle attorney bought the Castle as a vacation place for nuns teaching in Seattle schools. This plan did not work out well and in 1927 the Jesuit priests purchased the building for use as a training college. The priests spent their sixteenth and final year of training here.

In 1928, the Jesuits added a large wing housing a chapel and sleeping rooms. They also installed the elevator (an Otis) the Jesuits stuccoed over the bricks of the original portion to give the building a more uniform look. They named the complex "Manresa Hall" after the town in Spain where Ignatius Loyola founded the order.

The Jesuits left in 1968 and the building was converted into a hotel. The elements "Manresa" and "Castle" were taken from the two previous owners to create the current name.
The three different owners since 1968 have all done their part to lovingly renovate the building to modern standards while maintaining its Victorian elegance. For example, there were only 3 bathrooms when the Jesuits left, today they have 43.

The Stories of the place being Haunted was a big plus that peaked my intrest and so I grabbed my mom and headed up to do a girls night.  We got to the hotel and the receptionist told us that our room wasn't ready so we decided to go walk around down town. We were able to do some shopping at some of our favorite shops like The Green eyeshadeTickled Pink Gifts,  The Kitchen Cove just to name a few places we stepped into. We were able to go get some yummy dinner  my mom had the FRENCH DIP for $11 with Fresh baguette, sliced juicy rib eye, a thick wedge of brie and house made au jus. I had the  B.L.T.R.T.C. for $10.00 Baguette with thick bacon, lettuce, tomato, roasted turkey and cream cheese. We got two pieces of pie to go I got the peach and mom got the blackberry. The food was amazing!!! We will go back again and again to silverwatercafe    

After we were done with Dinner we went and saw date night at The Rose Theatre. A few hours later and we went back to the hotel. A different lady was there to help us to our room, On the elevator ride up she told us we were in the "Haunted room" That we were in the room that the Ghost "Kate" had jumped out the bedroom window to her death. She had killed herself when she was told that her husband was lost at sea. Two weeks after her death he came back to the house to see her. Sadly he came back to learn she has died.  The other ghost was a priest who had an evil spirit and decided to hang himself.  The lady told us on our way up all the scary things that have happend into the room.  Room 306 it pretty popular to stay in because of that.  We didn't notice anything at all maybe the Ghosts didn't want to be a part of my review.  

The room itself was comfortable, the decor was nice enough but nothing to write home to mom about. I would have hoped for a bath tub. A hair dryer,  The Fur babies, are not welcome at this hotel. It was a Monday night and the resturant and bar were both closed. Which was a bit of a let down. Not only that but for the price of the room for one night was a bit steep for what you get for your money.  Another pretty big let down was the breakfast. Nothing hot to eat just cold cereal and breakfast cookies from Costco.  Over all I have to say I was a pretty disappointed with the entire experience at the hotel.
So take my advise and maybe visit for a dinner or a drink in the bar, when you stay at another great place in Port Townsend..( except on Monday's then find some where else to go to eat or get a drink.) 


Dumblond said...

Thanks for the honest review!
The outside looks gorgeous.

Melissa Miller said...

It's so beautiful!

Thank you very much for your kind visit. I really appreciate it very much. You're always welcome to stop by anytime sweet friend.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)