Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Me Monday

1. Did you or do you play a  instrument?
Yes in jr high I played the flute. Did the marching band thing then in 9th grade I played the Cello & violin and loved that more then anything. But didn't keep it up and I really wish I would have. Maybe as an adult I should take it up. I always loved to sing so I gave the band and orchestra to sing. 
 2. What is your pet peeve while driving?

Whoa Nelly!! Don't get me started! I have my list. 

First off it is like finger nails running down a chalk board to be a passenger in a car except to be in the car with my Dad. When Hub's is behind the wheel I feel as if I am in the car with Mr. Magoo. Holly crap my pants... he is never paying attention and if he looks to the right he takes the wheel where his head goes and he always rides the lines I would much rather run into the ditch then the on coming cars. Its funny though he has been in zero accidents and I have been in a ton!! He gets tickets and I have I guess we are tied. :)

Letting people pull in HELLO!!! I just did you a favor MOVE IT!

My biggest driving pet peeve, though? (Ooooooh, this one REALLY gets me...) Is when there is NO one behind me and that is when they decided to pull out in front of me and not just wait the two seconds.... idiots. Be patient. Your time will come, and unless you are rushing to the hospital for some your jets and wait your turn.
3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?

This is a pretty easy one for me......because of the OCD Freakinglly clean freak I am my house never really needs attention. ( Maybe this will happen once we adopt our baby.) 

I would go for the spa........this would be good because I would kill two birds one stone!  One of my BFF's has her own spa and its like heaven once you go April you wont go back. 
So I would pick that so I could get some much need BFF time ( that we hardly get because life is so crazy busy!) but also to relieve the stress of life! 
4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?

Oh Many! Let's see Vogue,  The humpty dance, Tom's Diner, Summertime,  Good Vibrations, Groove Is In The Heart,   Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) so many more but that is what I can think of right now... makes me want to load up that I-pod with that music! :)

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