Monday, June 14, 2010

Something happened to me this morning.........................

So, today
I decided to freshen up the patio
I hosed off both of our porch in the front
the patio in the back
While I was unrolling the hose
I smelled it....
Pacific Northwest summer...

I smiled and all the memories
of school being out came flooding back
I enjoyed the smell and feel of summer again this morning
and cant wait to everyday from here on out
Well maybe not everyday but more often then not.
I am a true Washington girl when I put a tank top on at 65 degrees!
 Our pride and Joy. 
The first time we have done a garden.
& I feel so proud 
of what we have made grow.
My flowers make me so happy!
I just love this time a year!
 I haven't been this in love with our home.....
except for our house in South Kingston.
I am full of joy. 
  I love warm summer mornings...

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The Boston Lady said...

I love your front porch and all your plants and flowers. When the flowers are blooming you can't help but feel good - although I think I would prefer your Pacific Northwest weather to our record high temps and humidity this week!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Cats have been hugged!