Friday, July 23, 2010

31 Day Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day Two

31 Day Build A Better Blog Challenge - Day Two

Write a List Post

Today's challenge task is to post a list. I love lists...especially any kind of top ten list. I've done lists before but really want to do a different type of list I have done before.

This is the a list of  things I would like to do for a bucket list.....for Travel......

1) I would like to Go down Hwy 101 with Chris.
2) See New York during Christmas time.
3) Go to Hawaii....
4) go on a cruise to a tropical place.
5) Visit every baseball stadium in the USA for my Hub's 40th birthday.... he is almost 32.
6) Take my Hub's to San Fransico, so he can see why its my favorite city.
7) Back pack Europe for 6 months.
8) Go to France and spend our ten year Anniversary there!!!
9) Go to Boston and see where Hub's lived when he was little. ( meet the Goodrich side of the family)
10) Travel the entire East Coast.
11) Go to England and go to all the places my family came from.
12) travel by car to all the states and become campground host's to help our expenses.
13) Go on the Eat Love Pray trip.
14) Do a vacation to a warm tropical beach and do nothing planned. 
15) Travel China and come home with a baby :)

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