Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 6 of 31 days to build a better blog.

Today your task in the 31 Day challenge to Build a Better Blog is to do some learning from successful bloggers." 

For Day Six, we are asked to ask nine bloggers that you know and respect to nominate a few posts from their own blogs archives that they believe would be most helpful for bloggers wanting to improve their blogs."

  1. Give it time.
  2. It is easy to say that when you have been blogging for a few years and your blog is successful, but it is true. In most studies it shows that you need to be in full swing of the blogging world for as long as 2 years. But in time it will come.
  3. It Takes hard wrok.
  4. Not Luck, but hard work. If you want to get a better blog then you gotta make some sacrifices like waking up early and not sleeping the day away. Treat it like a job you need to do and that you love to do because if you don't then you shouldn't do it.
  5. What are you thinking of direction for you blog??
  6. There is a purpose to everything; whether you like it or not. You want lot of page hits, lots of comments, all you family & friends to keep visiting your blog. Whatever it is there is strategy needed to obtain those goals. Ask yourself this.... what is your goal? What is the direction you want?? What story do you need and want to tell?
  7. It Takes a Village.
  8. There is so much power in collaboration.  you need to try first with ten people then move on.  However, I think that it does not matter where you are in your blog, get ten people now and stage a drive – it will put a little bit of extra momentum into you endeavors. This is something I have been trying to , hmm I think that this is an opportunity for us all. My goal this week is to get my Seattle area bloggers together. These women are so important to me and our friendships are real.

Go just a few steps above....
A few other things you can do to take your blog, other bloggers, and this project even further today…
  • Reply & give other bloggers feedback on the little things they do.
  • When other bloggers include a link to a new article they’ve posted today, click, read, and comment on it.
  • Check previous posts in the series for new comments.
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The Boston Lady said...

I've been enjoying the tips! This time tomorrow I will be on your side of the country! Just further south - looking forward to the cooler temps,

Anonymous said...

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