Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why I blog.....

Almost a year ago I began blogging thinking that it would be an outlet for me as a writer.  It has become so much more than just a hobby,  blogging is so fun, it has taught me so much, especially about myself. Just another thing to do to pass the time. It has become a start to a beautiful career.  One that will grow as fast and as big with the time I put into it. blogging might have started slow but with each day and with each post it's brought me to many wonderful adventures and is going to open many doors. 

I enjoy sharing MY stories, photos, and thoughts with people.  The main reason I work so hard on my blog is because I know that it is going to help me reach many of my goals and help my dreams to come true.  I love travel and I love to write so why not make this a place for my readers to be able to check out and then travel to there themselves. 

If you know me well at all you know that one of my goals and wishes, and that is that someday I want to share my unfinished novel with the world. I want to catch the eye of some out there who thinks that I have I am the next big thing.  I hate to disappoint people, and love to surprise them. Writing is my dream, I just never knew. Not until now. I know I have a "style" per se and I believe there is an audience out there who would enjoy my work.  I believe blogging could be my vehicle to where I want to be; a published Author. The west coast Samantha Brown!  

I will continue to write and promote my blog until I see my novel on the New York best sellers list. 

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Tracy said...

You are amazing! I now subbed to your updates so I don't miss anymore posts. You can do it! I am envious, the places you have gone and the great things that you have written about them are fabulous!!! Keep it up and keep on going with your novel. It will come :O)