Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Inn At The Four Winds

The Inn at the Four Winds is a small Inn with fourteen beautiful rooms. It is in the most beautiful location in all of Seaside. It is located 9 blocks from downtown Seaside, It is only a quick stroll down the Prom that escorts you to the center of the action, with cafes, seashore boutiques and so many more things to do and see.

If gazing into the ocean is your only agenda then you have come to the right place to see the forever changing landscape that the Ocean has to offer.  For me the best way to pass the time is from the front lawn, in a lawn chair reading a book or just staring out into the sea with a nice glass of wine.  It is truly up to you if you ever even leave your room because you might just want to truly enjoy the panoramic ocean view, from your rooms sun porch.
Having captured the very essence of beach living for you they boast sunny and bright, with a homey feel, Instead of feeling like you are in a hotel, you feel as if you are someones guest. A comfortable room that instill a breezy mood with and warmly glowing fireplaces. Decorated in colors that are calming that don't take away from the fact that you are on a relaxing vacation trying to take in the rest that you so very much need.

Arriving to the Inn you feel as if you are pulling up to a cape cod house that your family could live in during the summer months, I was warmly greeted by the staff every I went. Then to top it off when I  walked into the lobby I instantly smelled the warm homemade baked cookies that all the guest are encouraged to eat, because when you are on vacation no need to count calories or carb's right?  They also have a major selection of DVD's for you to choose from, not like some places that I have seen that only carry the Disney movies or the movie Ghost from the early 1990's on VHS tapes. Nope not them they have most of the new releases you would find in any of the redboxes.

Our room was located on the 2nd floor, like more common in most rooms the Inn has a microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, DVD player, gas fireplace and a balcony with an ocean view. Our room had a private bedroom with a queen bed, king bed and double sofa sleeper in living room, The beds are The DREAMSPA BED by Tempur-Pedic. You don't have to worry about a good night sleep when you have that kind of bed.  Also in the room is a wet bar with all the things you would need to make you feel at home.  When you are going all over for hotel reviews it can get pretty pricey to eat out all the time so we try to find places to stay that you are able to have a microwave and a small fridge so you are able to make a few meals without leaving your room or paying for the high price dinners.

 I can not wait to go back and I can't wait to have my friends go down and spend a few nights here. It is like they are a home away from home. A place to come rest and relax to take some time just for you. Remember to make sure that you do not smoke or have pets with you. This is a property that you can't do either of these things and in a way this is a blessing because you don't have to think of anything else besides yourself or the smoke of someone that is staying under you so you can really smell the sea air.

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