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Alderbrook Spa........

The Alderbroook Spa was just what the Hub’s and I needed to enjoy for some great rest and relaxing. When we walked into the spa we could both feel the stress of our everyday life that we live in, fade away. With our work demands and deadlines we just needed to take this time to reconnect. I think it is really important to do that as a couple.

Alderbrook Resort and Spa is that perfect place to do just that. We were lead from the dressing rooms in our terry cloth robes and lovely slippers that they give to you to use when you are there.  With a service in the spa you get to enjoy all the amminites that they have like the sauna, and steam room, the hot tub or the on site pool you can use them as long as you want to for the day you have your appointments. A must for you to fully enjoy your time at the Alderbrook Spa.

We enjoyed some much needed quiet time as we read our books, drank tea, and enjoyed the calm feeling of the relaxation room.  In the summer I want to come back and use the private patio adjestent to the relaxation room.  You can always cuddle up with a book snuggle up together on the patio with the glowing fire place that greets you before you even enter the spa.

This was my second time to be able to enjoy the Spa and I have to tell you that  just a few of the wonderful things that they have to offer I was able to take the time and truly enjoy a pedicure with Stacy. She was a delight and a joy to get to know for that hour. Being the type of person I am I don't relax easy. With a few gentle reminders I was able to let go of all the tension and experience a true spa pedicure, with a tub basin, roses and essential oils. I don't think I will ever be able to go to another place to enjoy a treatment and not be let down because I am not getting it done by Stacy. That is something to say. 

To top our spa day off we had a couple massage by Ann Marie, and Jami. "Hub's" had a hot stone massage and raved about how he never had a massage that felt that good and had the chance to enjoy himself and fully relax with a deep tissue massage, like he did with Ann Marie.  Jami on the other had did a nice soft, relaxing aromatherapy massage on me and I was so relaxed that I think at times I fell asleep, maybe not 100% but to the point where you really feel that relaxed. What I like most about both of these ladies is that they didn't talk our ears off the entire time. That is the main reason why I feel that this was the most relaxing massage I have ever had, that either of us have ever had. 

We will come back again, choosing to celebrate special moments and occasions at the Spa and at the Alderbrook resorts. This place means so much to us and if you need to find a place that will mean something to you and your spouse, your best friend or a yearly girls weekend, no matter what you need this is the place to begin. 


Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth has been the Spa Director at Alderbrook Resort for over 3 years.  She believes that talented, passionate and caring therapists are the foundation of an amazing Spa experience, and only hires therapists who believe the same. 
She considers Alderbrook Resort a very special place, where the beauty of the natural world invites a self reflection that few of us make time for in our busy lives.  The Spa is the perfect extension of that self reflection, allowing guests to rest, relax, and really take the time to reconnect with themselves or a loved one.


Shannon –
Shannon has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for over 4 years, and has proven that her skill and passion for the healing art of massage therapy is a perfect fit at the Spa. A graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, Shannon has been practicing for 11years.  When she is not at the Spa, Shannon loves to work in her garden!

Rebecca -
Becca has been a massage therapist at the Spa for over 2 years now.  A graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, Becca quickly established herself as a therapist with an amazing spirit and a special talent for making her guests feel their best.  When she is not at the Spa, Becca actively pursues her other passions for the arts of dancing and photography

Susan -
Susie is a dedicated massage therapist and graduate of Ashmead School of Massage. She has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for 3 years now; the Spa is a perfect fit for Susie, as the spectacular location on the Olympic Peninsula allows her to pursue her favorite hobby: hiking!

Jami -
Jami is a graduate of the Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics.   She has been at the Spa at Alderbrook for over 2 years now and has spent countless hours pampering the Spa’s guests. When she is not at the Spa, she spends her spare time hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying her vacations!

Kristina –
Kristina is a graduate of Ashmead School of Massage, and has been with the Spa for 2 years now.  She loves what she does, especially if it involves hot stone massages or delicious body treatments! When she is not delighting our guests at the Spa, you can find Kristina moonlighting as an aspiring pro wrestler! Watch out!

AnnMarie –
Ann Marie has been with the Spa for 4 years and is another graduate of Ashmead College, and then later an intern at Stevens Hospital.  She loves to explore the outdoors, especially fishing, hiking, photography, and spending time with her family.

Laurie –
Laurie is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, School of Theology at Claremont, and the Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics.  She has been with the Spa for 2.5 years, but has been practicing for 22!  Laurie is a therapist that has a wide interested in massage and healing.  Her continuing education includes: Qi Gong (1.5 years private study), Healing Touch (2nd level), Muscle Energy and Strain/Counterstrain (courses from URSA Foundation, Edmonds), LomiLomi, Trager Mentastatic (Level 2 of 3, certification expected in early 2011)

When she is not at the Spa, Laurie works full time for the state of Washington, doing digital imaging, and is a co-founder of Reach Them Online, a social media management company ( Before working for the State, Laurie had a full time massage therapy practice in Tacoma for 10 years.

Her favorite hobbies and distractions include: music, writing,  and photography/Photoshop image enhancement.

Marla –
Marla attended Ashmead School of massage in fife Washington. She has been with the Spa for 4 years now, and practicing massage for 9. Marla has injury treatment experience and training, as well as Structural Relief Therapy.  One of her favorite treatments to give is a pregnancy massage.  She is also experienced in:
Positional Relief Therapy, Reflexology Level 1, Hot Stone Massage, LomiLomi Massage. 
She does not only do Deep Tissue massage, her modalities range from Swedish to Stretching, Deep Tissue, Warm Stones, Trigger Point work, etc. She loves to add several modalities into her body treatments. 

When she is not giving Spa treatments, Marla loves to receive them…having Spa days is one of her favorite activities…and much deserved considering that camping and hiking are her other favorites!


Jennifer -
Jennifer is our lead Esthetician here at the Spa at Alderbrook.  She has been with the Spa for 4 years and has since delighted guests and staff alike with her skills for making your skin come alive. 
Jennifer loves educating women about skin care and how to feel good about their skin, and is passionate in passing on her knowledge of how to slow the ageing process of our skin.

When she is not helping the Spa’s guests find rest, relaxation and beautiful skin, Jennifer loves to travel, garden and cook a delicious meal!

Andrea -
Andrea is a graduate of the Euro Institute of Skin Care in Renton, Washington.  She has been with the Spa at Alderbrook since August of 2009, and quickly demonstrated her enthusiasm and knowledge for the art of skin care. Andrea is passionate about skin care and loves to keep up-to-date on new skin care trends and products.  She always wants to learn new tools and techniques that can aid her in helping her clients improve their skin. 
When she isn’t making your skin glow, Andrea enjoys skiing, sailing, kayaking, concerts and scrapbooking!


Beth -
Beth has been a cosmetologist for over 12 years, and attended the Gene Juarez Academy of Beauty.  While Beth is our lead stylist for brides and wedding parties, she does also delight the Spa’s guests with manicures and pedicures on occasion!  During her years in the industry, Beth has preformed everything from manicures and pedicures, to hair styling and cutting, hair coloring, makeup and waxing.  She is truly a woman who can make you look your best!
When she’s not at the Spa, Beth loves cooking and baking.
Stacy –
Stacy has been with the Spa for several years, and is a graduate of Grays Harbor Beauty College.  She loves working in the Spa’s atmosphere, and strives for perfection in detail in her work.  She aspires to provide the most relaxing Spa Experience for her clients.   When she is not giving the Spa’s guest’s beautiful fingers and toes, Stacy loves to spend time with her family, doing painting and home projects, as well as enjoying the waters of Puget Sound doing boating and fishing.

 So do yourself a favor contact the spa today and tell them Kingstongirl sent you!
This is a perfect gift from Santa.


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