Saturday, November 27, 2010

It is time to sit back and enjoy the small businesses in your town.

With the dust settled from Black Friday!!! I know it is ton's of fun and the bargain shoppers really try to get the best deal for that must have toy, Today is the day that you can go and give back to that small business in your community!

The concept to the Small Business Saturday was designed to encourage shoppers across the U.S. to support local merchants in their holiday shopping as a means of driving up local economies.
Over a dozen advocacies along with public and private organizations have joined American Express, the event's primary sponsor, to declare today Small Business Saturday and raise awareness about the importance of small business to local communities.

The event is not meant to discourage people from shopping at larger chains or online. Rather, its advocates hope to encourage consumers to dedicate a percentage of their holiday shopping budget to local businesses, this means that it can be  by having dinner at a local restaurant or buying gifts at neighborhood stores to support the cause, American Express is offering its cardholders the opportunity to earn a $25 statement credit on purchases of at least $25 on Small Business Saturday at locally owned independent small businesses.
They wanted to be the catalyst for a movement for small businesses, We all know how important small business is to our economy. Small businesses generated 60-80% of the net new jobs over the last decade. What a great way to raise awareness and get people involved. We're all in this together we can make a difference. When you buy local and small business, you're creating jobs,
Research conducted by the 3/50 project suggests that for every $100 spent in locally-owned, independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures – far greater than national chains.This holiday of sorts also presents a great excuse to get out into your community to discover those one of kind hidden business treasures where you may very likely meet the owner face to face. As you may be aware of my passion for the small, local business. This is a movement that I have no problem getting behind completely and hope you will too.

I know that this is the concept that I am using. I chose to skip black friday this year and opt to go and spend the evenings that the local towns are hosting some girls nights out or extended hours for shopping.  
Small Business Saturday Enjoy this link it is amazing! Go to Facebook and Like it! 

I am excited to go and shop in Down Town Poulsbo on December 1st. I am looking forward to shopping in the Kitchen shop, buy some great chocolates at Bohems, Have a bite to eat at the Loft or That's a some a Italian.  Going to buy a few of my girls that are on my list  the new City of Bones series at the Poulsbo Liberty Bay Books.  Also going to get my craft on at the Quilt shop & Rubber soul, maybe even paint a cup or two at the Dancing Brush. All the while with a hot white chocolate mocha from Hot Shot's java! 

Port Gamble is going to be all a hussle and bussle, December 3rd, most if not all store are going to extend their hours from 4:30 to 6:30 then follow me back to the Opening night of the Christmas Carol, for the first night sense the late 1950's when the theater closed. The historic theater with the set's from the 1950's will leave you feeling like you haven't seen the production of the Christmas story like you should have all these years when you see it in this magical of a setting. 

Going to Kingston to shop on December 4th is going to be a blast, join me if you are in the area for you to join us, we will be out shopping around Kingston from 4:30-6:30 then join us at the Filling station from 6:30 to whenever you want. During the shopping night I am going to go shop at  Lucky star, Pine Cone Gifts, Clever, The Country pet shope for the fur babies, The Firehouse Theater for some movie tickets for stocking stuffers, Nancy's green garden for some beautiful flower's to order to put on the table and get some flowers for my Nana, also at Nancy's green Garden,  I eyed some mother daughter aprons that I would love to get for a few of my friends and their little girls. Checking off all the kids on my list with a stop at Lil Sprouts! The best toy story on this side of the water! Then Stopping by Mr. B's books is where I spent most of my shopping last year getting all the kids books to read at a great price.  Strolling into Henry's Hardware, there is always something for everyone on your list there. I love the very back room in the store with hand picked items you can find some special things! Moxie Salon to go and grab a tanning package to make sure I can get some people on my list Jersey Shored up!  I would love to see you all join us for ladies shopping night! 

These are just a few great places to join in on the Small Business Saturday in our area. All of us need to try to give back to our local peeps! They keep our community's going.  I am looking forward to doing what I can to help the small town shopping. Now this doesn't mean that I wont go to my favorite store to shop at Target, or a fun stroll to TJ Maxx,  Macy's or Kohl's are all great places to shop but I will do what I can to help spread it out where I can. I hope you will as well. 

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