Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sometimes when it rains it pours.......

here we are! am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think how lucky I am to be married to my best friend. He is the one that helps make even the greyist of days have a spot of sunlight.......Especially weeks like this. :

This past week has blown by, when I say blown by I mean that it has been one blow after another. You know those kinds of weeks when nothing seems to go the way in which you would like it to go.

We had wild weather our power was out and stayed out, for three days.  Ice and snow kept us home, "Hub's" was able to use my car On his way home with all the fixings for Thanksgiving. In the middle of the intersection the car died.! Leaving it un able to drive.  With the ice and snow he had to leave it on the side of the road.  The Snow melted and we were able to get it towed three days later.

The big Pile of steaming poop! I( have younger family members that read this blog so I will be PG-13. :)  We have a land Rover, Range Rover. It has been in the shop as much as it has been driven. We owe on it still and we have so many bills because of it breaking down...

Now with the busy time of the holidays down one car, Ugh! I am so so mad. I hate that when it rains it pours. On a good note, I am trying fun new fonts for the blog and the post's I am so tired of the regular posts fonts.  

I am very excited for some wonderful thing that are coming my way over the next few weeks. We are so busy! But I love busy! I am looking forward to some family time. Some winter festivities in Seattle, staying in some wonderful hotels! Going on long card rides with my mom and yet some how we always seem to end up right in the heart of Port Townsend. A perfect place to go back in time. 

What my friends are you looking forward to most this new month will bring?


Blogger Broadcast said...

What a cute blog you have here. I am a new follower, thanks for stopping by bloggerbroadcast.com

Maija said...

OMG! I hope things are looking up by now!!!!