Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Story Production at the 5th Ave in Seattle.

We had a great time at The Christmas story at the 5th Ave theater in Seattle. “Hub’s” and I had a wonderful night. When I found out that I was going to go see the production of my favorite Christmas movie of all time, I felt like an excited little girl. Like a child eagerly awaiting Christmas morning. That is what I felt like and my “Hub’s” did as well. 
Walking into the 5th Avenue theater you start to feel like you are about to be part of something special, this magical feeling comes over you and when you walk past the ushers down to your seats. You feel so small in this larger then life theater.  The Stage for the Christmas story the musical. from the first impression with its bright red and radio studio theme, you know your in for a great treat before the curtain comes up!
They take on a brand new adaptation of the classic 1983 film, "A Christmas Story: The Musical". The show brought back to me the fond memories of the film and left me with a wonderful sense of hope for this new family tradition I hope that it will become.  
In case you haven‘t seen the movie that is shown incessantly over the holiday season (sometimes for 24 hour periods nonstop) You live under a freaking rock!!  Here's a rundown for you anyway, I wont hold it against you too much, 
You get to follow the quest of young Ralphie Parker as he plots and schemes to convince his parents and Santa too! That the one gift to become the best Christmas present in the world, is a Red Ryder 200 Shot Carbine Action Air Rifle. The problem is he keeps running into obstacles of his Mother, his teacher and even Santa as they warn him away from the gift with the familiar, "You'll shoot your eye out." But Ralphie is tenacious and will have his prize!  
we are also able to get to know the rest of the Parkers and their neighbors as we dive into the world of story originator Jean Shepherd. Complete with bullies, major awards and triple dog dares, the story takes us back to a simpler time. A time to escape back during the few hours that the play takes to tell its delightful story. It was just what I know I needed. 
While we were there we were able to enjoy a special treat when the boy who played Ralphie Now 39, Peter Billingsley was in attendance telling all of us that this movie  "has always meant a lot [to him] personally." Billingsley switched from a successful child acting career to a successful producing one. He's is the man producing this musical version of the movie at the 5th Ave! You might have heard of some other production he has been a part of as well..... like  "Iron Man" and "Four Christmases" serving as executive producer. Being that he loves the Christmas Story like no one else can might have been the added love that made this show so wonderful!!! 

The Live show is a charmer and is over the top with talent.  the feel of the original material intact and still hits all the important parts, hitting the nail on the head in all the right spots.  that have become so familiar and a staple for most of us. The play made me truly feel like it was the start to the Christmas season.
Keeping the wonderful theme the costumes,  that look like they were transported right from the movie by Elizabeth Hope Clancy, In my mind this helped me see it as the new theatrical holiday standard by which all of the other production around the holiday Should be judged. 

The Children in every single scene that they were in all were show stoppers! The play will only help springboard their careers. They held their own and demanded you to sit up in your seats and take notice. They were a pleasure to watch. The funniest part of the entire show was the FUdddddddddggggggggggeeee part! It was wonderful to see the Children and the adults play & interact together. 

the songs "Ralphie to the Rescue" and "A Major Award" were both complete show stoppers and crucial to the story. “Sticky situation” broke out in song when the triple dog dare was thrown down. I sing it all the time and my “Hub’s” at first thought that it was cute now finds it un-bareable. I truly wish that they had the music for sale for us to buy. It is one I would love to have in my Holiday collection.

The cast was amazing, Hand Picked perfectly having amazing style for the time period. Clarke Hallum plays the scheming Ralphie an adoreable young man that I just wanted to put him in my coat pocket and bring him home. with me. His voice is right up there with any of the adults on stage. He was as intended the star of the show! 
Anne Allgood was lovely as Ralphie's Mother and her Vocal talents in the Second act where she picks up her son after his fight only to turn around and covers for Ralphie had me with a lump in my throat choking back the tears. 
Frank Corrado was the perfect narrator & when I was sitting there I truly thought it had to be the Original narrator of the movie! As he weaves this wonderful tale for us in the fun theme of a radio drama. 

Ralphies “Old man”, was played by the talented show stealer, John Bolton With his over the top antics and especially with his fun & zealous "Major Award" number! He was made for this role or maybe this role was made for him. 
You have one more week to enjoy this great Production! Do yourself a favor and buy this for a loved one and put it under the tree! 
"A Christmas Story: The Musical" plays at the 5th Avenue Theatre through December 30th. For tickets or information contact the 5th Avenue Box Office at 206-625-1900 or toll free at 888-5TH-4TIX (584-4849) or visit them online at www.5thavenue.org.
* Thank you to the 5th Ave for sharing their wonderful photos!!!!!***


Maija said...

What a perfect holiday evening!!!
Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh Goodness I haven't been to the 5th Avenue since Dream Girls was there years ago! LOOKS like you had a ton of fun!